(Cue Zelda Item Get Theme)

The Legend of Zelda celebrated its 30th anniversary this year (man, a lot of games are coming up on thirty, aren’t they?), and Nintendo commemorated the occasion with a series of concerts throughout the year with all of the songs fans know and love. A live album of one of the final concerts (held in Tokyo, no less) is due out for release in early 2017, and the CD sure doesn’t skimp on the extras-that is, if you go for the limited edition.

An Amazon.jp listing revealed (courtesy of Destructoid) that the special edition of the soundtrack comes with a neat 8-bit inspired stand, a series of patches/badges, and a DVD of the event, all packed inside a stylish box. While the DVD is a bit of a moot point for any importers (unless you’ve got a Region 2/Region Free DVD player) the package is still a pretty solid deal if you happen to have an Amazon JP account or really good luck with eBay listings.

The album is set to release in Spring 2017.