Packed with colorful and gory brawls, Yakuza 0 reminds me of an arcade game: the kind I’d go to unleash a slew of beautiful, over-the-top, chaos. Set in Tokyo (December 1988), Kazuma Kiryu climbs the ranks of the Yakuza i.e members of crime organizations.

For those new to the series, don’t worry. Yakuza 0 functions as a prequel and “stands alone.” So you can jump into this action-brawler and navigate the underworld of Japan without missing a step. And for those of you who are already fans, enjoy being able to play as long-time NPC, Goro Majima for the first time.

Yakuz 0 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will arrive to the United States of America early 2017. The game will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

Watch the trailer here: