A Pretty Awesome April Lineup

Microsoft has revealed its lineup of free games for the month of April.  Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have their pick of four games through April, all of which are excellent.

For Xbox One, subscribers can get Sunset Overdrive and Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox exclusive that was generally met with positive reviews. Our own Zach Nonnemacher gave it high praise saying “Sunset Overdrive achieves what many games unfortunately fall short of. That something is raw enjoyment.” Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us is a brilliant adventure game based off of the Fable graphic novels. The Wolf Among Us was also well received and Gamespot’s review said, “It’s the kind of game where The Big Bad Wolf and the Woodsman who saved Red Riding Hood have a nostalgic, sad drink in a bar and talk about their troubles, and the fact that it can be such a quiet, pensive moment rather than a melodramatic joke is a testament to Telltale’s work.” Both games will be available April 16th through May 15th.

For Xbox 360, subscribers can download Dead Space from April 1st through the 15th.  On the following day, subscribers can download Saint’s Row IV until the end of the month.

A 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership, which entitles players to the monthly selection of free games, online multiplayer and other offers, costs $59.99.