200 Championship Points!

After doing quite well at City Championships overall, I was sitting pretty at 160 Championship Points out of 200 needed to qualify for Worlds. I had made the top cut at six of the seven I attended, and received extra points from making day two at Worlds 2015.

Regionals in Mexico finally started last weekend and I was able to make Top 8 with a very standard list containing Yveltal, Zoroark, and Gallade which is shown below. While honestly not a huge fan of the deck, I felt it would be a good metagame call. I expected a lot of Trevenant. It turns out I was completely wrong. But alas, I was able to make the cut and get those precious 75 CP which finally put me beyond the 200 barrier needed to qualify!

Here’s the complete list I used over the weekend:


Pokemon: 17
3 Yveltal XY
2 Yveltal EX
3 Zorua (confuse active)
2 Zoroark
2 Shaymin EX
2 Gallade
1 Unown (MVP #1)
1 Jirachi

Trainers: 32
2 Sycamore
2 Maxie
1 Judge
2 Lysandre
1 Delinquent (utterly useless)
1 Giovanni’s Scheme (MVP #2)

4 Compressor
4 Trainer’s Mail
4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
1 Fighting Fury Belt
2 Muscle Band
2 Float Stone
1 Megaphone
2 Acro Bike

Energy: 11
7 Dark

XY8_EN_91Round 1 vs Vespiquen/Zoroark/Garbodor LWL 0-0-1
I felt pretty confident once he flipped over Combee. For the first game, I went second but got a turn 1 Gallade. Unfortunately for me though, I didn’t draw an energy and I was always too behind on energy so I scooped quickly to have enough time for the next two games. Game 2, I went first and got a KO every single turn after turn 1 and had a stream of Lysandre and VS Seeker to target any potential threats. Game 3 I prized 1 Yveltal EX, 1 Zoroark and 2 Yveltal XY, and was never able to get Gallade out, so despite the game being even at the beginning, I ran out of steam I was unable to get the attackers out of my prizes.

Round 2 vs Greninja/Seismitoad WW 1-0-1
These 2 games were pretty close despite winning 2-0. Greninja is one of the best comeback decks and game 1 was barely a win for me at 1-0 in prizes. In game 2, we both completely dead drew/passed for a couple of turns in the beginning but I was able to get out of it earlier than my opponent and by the time he was able to get Greninjas out I was too far ahead for him to catch up.

Round 3 vs Mega Scizor/Zoroark WW 2-0-1
The games dragged on long because of the defensive nature of his deck and the fact that he played Max Potion. But in the end, both games played out very similarly in that his damage output was no match for mine, and some smart special energy conservation plus Lysandres on my end sealed the game easily both times.

Round 4 vs Garchomp/Lucario/Hawlucha WW 3-0-1
This match up was very scary, especially when you’re unable to get Gallade going. In game 1, I was unable to get Gallade but he filled up his bench which powered up my Zoroark and a well timed Jirachi attack plus a Megaphone a couple turns later, made it so that Focus Sash’s weren’t an issue at all. In game 2, I got going fairly quickly while he stumbled and discarded a few key cards such as Rare Candy. He limited his bench by a big margin this time around, but the Gallade OHKOing the Garchomps and him being unable to XY8_EN_84OHKO back was more than enough to secure the win as the prize trade off was not favorable for him.

Round 5 vs Mega Mewtwo Y/Aegislash/Bronzong LWT 3-1-1
I cannot decide which round was better, this one or Round 6. Game 1 started fairly even but I was able to surprise him with a Muscle Band plus Giovanni’s KO on a Mega Mewtwo early on with my Zoroark, which made the game go downhill for him. Game 2 I started a lot slower and since I started Zorua he immediately limited his bench greatly in order ro reduce my damage output. We traded back and forth but in the end Mega Mewtwo Y’s extra HP and damage output over Yveltal EX made it impossible to catch up in terms of trade offs. Finally game 3 was extremely close. I had Zorua but decided to not bench it on turn 1 and he played down Hoopa and filled his bench once again, so my ‘bluff’ kinda worked I guess? The game went back and forth, and it came down to my 4th VS Seeker to Lysandre up a Shaymin EX and KO it with Gallade for the win as I had no way to touch his Aegislash. Well the 4th Seeker was prized, I took a KO on a Mega Mewtwo with 4 prizes left, so 50/50 to get it and I didn’t get it. Time was called and neither of us was able to clean up the game so it ended in a tie.

At this point I’m both feeling good and nervous because I know if I win I’m in so that puts a ton of pressure on winning, but I’m feeling good that I was able to bring it back from losing round 1 to the point where you win and you’re in the top cut.

XY1_EN_93Round 6 vs Aromatisse/Mega Mewtwo Y/Seismitoad LWW 4-1-1
This was also one of the most exciting and best sets I had during the day. I tend to play against this guy quite often in tournaments, but it’s usually in top cut. I beat him in the finals of a City Championship last time around, and so he wanted revenge.
Game 1 started off smoothly for both of us and we traded back and forth. At one point, I needed to prevent him from using Max Potion AND needed a Zoroark follow up, of which I only had 2 Zorua benched. I used Judge to try and reduce the odds of Max Potion during his turn, which I successfully accomplished BUT I drew 3 Darkness energy +1 Double Colorless energy from the Judge and my topdeck was a Float Stone so I couldn’t do anything that turn and had to concede to save time. Game 2 went swimmingly for me as I got my turn 1 Gallade, got energy into play and he also discarded a ton of Max Potions AND his 2 Aromatisse early on. He did get them back with Super Rod but at that point it was too late and a Judge sealed the deal to guarantee he wouldn’t get the last Max Potion.

Finally, Game 3 was super close and we were both playing very fast because a tie would mean BOTH of us were out of the top cut. A win would guarantee one of us making it to the top cut. It came down to the wire since we both had pretty explosive starts. But in his explosiveness, he once again ran out of Max Potions and I was able to snag a surprise KO with Giovanni’s Scheme plus a Muscle Band KO on a Xerneas EX with four energy attached to it and that severely hampered his damage output.

Top 8 vs Night March/Bronzong LL
After such an exhilarating day, I was happy/sad to be facing this deck. I know it’s pretty much a coin flip match up, and unfortunately for me I can’t do any sort of analysis on these games. Game 1 I dead drew, XY4_EN_26with both Gallades being in my starting hand. I never got anything going and I was benched out by turn 4. Game 2 was working out better but he always had a response to my Jirachi and after he eventually set up Bronzong, Jirachi didn’t really matter and despite my attempts at limiting my EX Pokemon usage to get an advantage, the 70 HP Joltiks were too much for me to handle.


And there ended my run. I got 7th place, 18 booster boxes and 75 CP to qualify me to Worlds. Not a bad day, but I do think I could’ve pushed further.

My next tournament is on the 2nd of April, when the Mexico City Regional Championship takes place. I will definitely be switching decks and you can expect a report like this one afterwards with hopefully tons of details on how I am closer and closer to my Day 2 invite!