As with all good things in life, gaming can become dull and uninspiring when experienced in excess.

Far too often, I’ve found a game that I love and played it to the point of obsession, only to discard it for months thereafter.

Alcohol tastes best when consumed in moderation, and like that bottle of rosé you swore you’d only drink two glasses of, gaming should be done in small doses. They may be frequent, but the less you play, the more you’ll actually want to.

So who knows why you’ve reached a gaming rut. If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’re currently going through a bout of gamer’s lethargy, or you’re familiar with it and trying to prepare in advance. Well, here are a few things you can do when you’re tired of gaming. Some of them involve – gasp! – going outside (even if you’ve already been doing that plenty thanks to Pokemon Go!)

Get Off Your Ass


It’s actually one of the hardest alternatives to employ when you have a fridge full of food, unlimited Wi-Fi, a Netflix subscription and plenty of video games at your beck-and-call. But going outside actually feels good. It’s been proven that spending time in the great outdoors makes you healthier, happier, and boosts brain function. It need not matter if you live in a big city or rural town; just head outside for a while, take in the fresh air and allow your thoughts to roam free.

You may be surprised the types of awesome ideas you come up with when your mind isn’t fixated on a screen.

Create Something


I think most of us will agree that video games are a form of art, but there are myriad other forms to explore as well like books, film, poetry, painting, and so on. Even if you don’t reckon yourself an artist and have no creative experience beyond crafting paper-mache figures in elementary school, trying your hand at an art project can improve your mood and inspire you in a way you haven’t felt in a long time.

There’s nothing wrong with loving video games and appreciating them as an artistic medium, but it’s an injustice to yourself and art as a whole if you limit your artistic consumption to just one area. Grab that Kindle you’ve had on your nightstand for the past few months and read something!

Better Yourself


We’ve all got areas we could improve in, and let’s be honest, sometimes we use video games as a distraction from everything, including ourselves. If you’re tired of playing games – literally – and are looking for ways to reinvigorate your free time, start learning a new skill that will help you. It can be a marketing or business course to further your career or just a subject you’ve always been curious about like Astronomy or Psychology.

You’ll never regret taking the time to expand your mind.

Just Relax

Maybe you’re already a refined individual with plenty of hobbies who has had your fill of Overwatch.  Pokemon Go has eaten up your data, drained your phone’s battery one too many times, and your other game loves no longer entice you. That’s fine. The spark will reignite sooner or later. Maybe all you really need is an honest-to-goodness relaxation session.

So kick back, unwind and put on Netflix. Binge-watching is the new black, dahling.