Nintendo and Valve announce new programs and new details on Sonic Mania in this week’s News Bits.

Sega confirmed August 15 as the release date for Sonic Mania. The upcoming throwback to the 2D Sonic games that made gaming’s favorite Hedgehog famous will feature remixes of classic stages like the green hill zone alongside all new stages. Sonic Mania will be available as a downloadable purchase on Switch, PS4, XBOX One, and PC for $20. The news comes in the form of an new animated trailer.

When Nintendo launched the Switch in March they did so without a fully featured online service. Now, via a post on there official Blog Nintendo revealed their plans for this crucial feature of the new console. The service, called Nintendo Switch Online, will cost $20 a year, and gives Switch owners access to online play and voice chat through a companion mobile app. In addition to these basic features, the program includes a suite of classic games modified for online play, like Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario, deals on online purchases.

Valve revealed new details on their replacement for Steam Greenlight, the Steam storefront’s indie publishing program. The new Steam Direct program will allow small developers to self-publish on Steam for a fee of $100. Since Steam Direct does away with the community voting feature of Greenlight Valve will also add new features to the already existing curation features of the Steam store. Curators will soon be able to post content from non-steam sources like YouTube in addition to steam reviews and broadcasts.

That about does it for this week.