Kind of a slow news week. So long as you ignore the great Destiny flood of 2017.

Mode 7, developer of the upcoming isometric indie shooter Tokyo 42, released a new trailer for the game showing off the game’s competitive and singleplayer gameplay. Out May 31 on PC and XBOX One, and ‘mid-July’ on PS4. I can’t imagine the gamepad controls on console working as well as mouse and keyboard now that I’ve seen the game in action, though.  

The next game from Resogun maker Housemarque, Nex Machina, has a new trailer and a fresh June 20 release date. The trailer also revealed the addition of a local co op mode to the neon bullet hell shooter. Check out the trailer below.  

Dontnod Entertainment announced a ‘followup’ to Life Is Strange. In a video posted to YouTube the creative directors of the time travelling indie hit revealed the fact that production on the next Life Is Strange game began about the time the boxed version of the first game was released. Still unrevealed details include, whether the new game will revisit the same characters and locations from the first game or any information of any kind.  

That about does it for the week’s news. If you actually haven’t looked up what happened at the big Destiny 2 event, we’ve got you covered here.