Video Game romances can pull players in and make us care even more for not just each character but the bond they form.

Players can even play a role in forming these bonds. The connections make it all the more painful and heartbreaking when they end in tragedy. Some of these, however, are just doomed to fail from the start.

Spoilers ahead for the following games: Shadow of Colossus, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dragon Age:Inquistion, and Final Fantasy X

Wander and Mono

The true nature of the relationship between these two is never expressly told but left to players to decide for themselves. I choose to see it as a romance or at least the start of one before Mono’s passing. It is already a dark beginning for these two, as Mono is dead. Wander’s travel to the Forbidden Lands was an effort to revive her. The voice of Dormin guides him to defeating the 16 colossi that reside in the lands. For his efforts, Wander is then made into a host body for Dormin before being sealed away by Lord Emon, a shaman set out to stop Dormin from getting free. After Wander is sealed, it is shown that his trials were not entirely in vain as Mono rises. She’s alive again while Wander has been sealed away. The tale of these two began in tragedy, and so it was only fitting that they end in tragedy, too. 


Caius Ballad and Yeul

You can’t always control who you fall in love with. In the case of Caius and Yeul, it is part of the factor that turned Caius into the villain of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Caius held the job of watching over the Seeress Yeul. He was tasked to watch over the girl who would continually die and return. He may have loved Yeul from the start, or maybe he fell for her over time. Yeul does mention that her view of the relationship shifts depending on the version of her in time: Some could love him with others have no interest in him. It is Caius’ love for Yeul that sets him on the path to end her endless cycle of birth and death. Their story is a large part of making Caius Ballad a sympathetic villain: A man out to free his love from the pain of death; a noble cause. 

Solas and Inquisitor

Just saying, but we didn’t know all the details. Bioware is almost always known for having great characters, and Solas is no exception. For those who chose to playing through with a female elf Inquisitor, the option to romance Solas will become available. The relationship can be interesting to dive into as it gives some interesting bits of information not just about Solas but elves and the fade. It is a great romance, with Solas a self professed loner beginning to open up to your Inquisitor – until the end, where he’s mysteriously gone. In the DLC, you find he was cause of the rifts and Corypheus’ return. And the romance gets more rocky after he cuts off your arm and goes on a mission to remove the barrier between the physical world and the fade – leaving you love lost and minus one arm.

Tidus and Yuna

Yes, another Final Fantasy game breaks our hearts. Tidus and Yuna are one of the most widely known tragic romances, but it couldn’t have been anything else. Tidus had been displaced into the strange world of Spira that is plagued by a creature that destroys and kills all in its path: Sin. In the world, Summoners go on holy missions to gain the power to destroy Sin – for a time at least. Tidus tags along on Yuna’s pilgrimage. It is during their travels that they begin to bond, grow a friendship, and develop feelings for each other, which is why Tidus is furious to learn about how the pilgrimage will end. Like all summoners before her, Yuna will sacrifice her life to protect Spira. Not accepting that to be her fate, Tidus attempts to formulate a plan to end the cycle and save Yuna’s life. He’s even able to convince her to not accept it and try to find a new way to end Sin for good. And they do! It a joyous celebration until reality sets in. Tidus was not simply brought into the world by Sin but a dream of the fayth. With Sin gone, the fayth had to depart, too, and that meant Tidus had to also vanish. The scene of his departure is truly heartbreaking and hits harder with the music overlay and Yuna’s desperation to hold onto him. After overcoming the fate of Yuna, they fell victim to the fate of Tidus.