Wow, what an impressive amount of information we got this morning with the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer! The Aether Foundation, Pokemon Snap-like elements, and a handful of new and interesting Pokemon too, one of which doesn’t even seem to be a Pokemon! Let’s jump right in!


New Pokemon:

Alolan Raticate, obviously, is the evolved form of an Alolan Ratatta! It is a Dark/Normal type and has the Abilites Gluttony or Hustle. Although from what it has in its cheeks, we may be able to see what it’s doing a little more of. Even though it has a huge appetite, Alolan Raticate are snobby, and only eat fruits and meals with high-class ingredients. Performance chefs often take these Pokemon along to buy ingredients when they are looking to impress the customers in their restaurants.

This is Jangmo-o, a Dragon-type Pokemon with the abilities of Bulletproof or Soundproof. These are likely caused by the large scale on its head, which allows it to block incoming attacks as well as attack others. Because it never turns its back on a fight, it is often seen as a sign of valiance.

And now we’re into the weirdest of the bunch, a Normal-type Pokemon named Type: Null. This Pokemon seems to be a chimera of sorts having been put together to rival the power of the ancient Pokemon (Solgaleo and Lunala?) and fulfill a certain purpose, but we aren’t quite sure what that purpose is yet. It actually wears a helmet on its head to contain its superior agility. It is said that this Pokemon has been created to blend certain attributes of other Pokemon, allowing it to adapt to any situation.

Ultra Beasts:

It’s important to note that Ultra Beasts are not Pokemon, for some reason that we don’t know. Ultra Beasts are feared in the Alola region due to their strange origin and unbelievable power. According to rumors, there are multiple Ultra Beasts, each of them going by a code name. For example, this Ultra Beast is UB01. It takes multiple forms, and is composed of a glass-like substance. Its movements resemble that of a young girl. (WHO COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?)

Psst: Look Familiar?


Sun and Moon Time Differences


Apparently, a few key scenes in Pokemon Sun and Moon will take place during the day or during the night, respectively. Pokemon Sun and Moon will have different Totem Pokemon, as seen in the video with Alolan Raticate taking Gumshoos’ place, and there will be a few story changes as well. They say that the story is shifted about 12 hours, but the rest of the game will go by your 3DS’ internal clock.

This coincides with “Evening”, a time of day similar to “Morning” before. In an interview with creator Shigeru Ohmori, he had this to say: “To show the Alola region’s rich nature and beautiful towns, we were very particular about the lighting. Thanks to that, the same location can have a completely different appearance depending on the time—sometimes wrapped in the gentle glow of moonlight, sometimes illuminated by the crimson of the sun setting over the sea. At times, the same event will feature different natural phenomena in the two versions, which can only be seen in either Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, so I hope it will be fun for players to compare the two and find these differences.”

Poke Finder: 

For those of you lamenting the fact that we have not been treated to a Pokemon Snap sequel, rejoice! The Poke Finder is a feature in your Rotom PokeDex that allows you to take pictures of Pokemon at various Photo Spots! You get a glimpse of Pokemon in their natural habitat, which you can spread around to be rated and evaluated! You may even get a glimpse of some rare Pokemon!

Aether Foundation:

New Canvas

The Aether Foundation is a group of people who are dedicated to the care of Pokemon that have been hurt. Their base is on a man-made island called the Aether Paradise where they can provide shelter for Pokemon, but also conduct research. For now, they seem to be shrouded in quite a bit of mystery, but more should become apparent as it comes. These three Aether Foundation administrators, from left to right, are  Lusamine, the leader of the Foundation, Faba, the branch chief, and Wicke, the assistant branch chief.

Gladion: Mysterious Team Skull Enforcer


This young man (read: emo boy) is an associate of Team Skull, calling himself the Enforcer. Paired with the equally mysterious Type: Null, he places a high value on strong Pokemon in battle. Could this be more of our rival character? And what’s wrong with this kid’s arm? We shall see.

Zygarde Cores, Cells, and the Zygarde Cube


It seems like Dexio and Sina, Professor Sycamore’s two assistants, are making a return int heir new Alolan forms! They’re looking for pieces of Zygarde, and they need your help in finding all of Zygarde’s cores and cells. They give you the Zygarde Cube to store these Cores and Cells as you find them around the Alola region.

Also, something interesting of note in this special Pokemon live-action short airing on Pokemon’s Youtube Channel in Japan:

Check out the Pokemon being caught at 1:01. Could this be Cutiefly’s evolution?

New Canvas

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Well, there you have it! How cool was all of that? I can barely wait until November!

What was your favorite news announced today? What do you think of all the new Pokemon, or the Aether Foundation? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you next time for more Pokemon Sun and Moon news!