The video game streaming service is graduating from advertising games to direct sales of games.

Yesterday, February 28, Twitch announced their new “Get it on Twitch” program set to launch “Spring 2017”. The new program will allow Twitch viewers the option to buy the game they are watching via a link below the stream video. “Get it on Twitch” will also give partnered streamers a 5% cut of the revenue from sales on their videos. Additionally, any purchase of $4.99 or more will be eligible to produce a Twitch Crate for the purchaser containing either in-game or Twitch related rewards.

Get it on twitch game shop logo

The Blog post for the announcement goes into some detail about the program as well. Purchases in “Get it on Twitch” will go through Amazon possibly requiring Twitch Prime integration. Games purchased through Twitch will be downloaded through the Twitch Launcher or first party services. The post specifically mentions Ubisofts’ Uplay which would put services like Blizzard’s BattleNet in the running for integration with the program. The Twitch Guide for the program does state that only services with account linking integration with Twitch will be supported so Steam and EA’s Origin will probably be left out.