So you are enjoying the deep progression system in Transformers Devastation through your first playthrough and realize, “Hey I don’t know what I should be upgrading because I only have a few resources left.” Or perhaps you finished the game and just want a quicker way to get ready for getting all the achievements. We are going to talk about what not to worry about, upgrades you should be focusing on, and how to synthesize (such an eighties word!) like a pro. Without further ado, let’s make some kick butt Autobots.

Transformers Devastation Guide | Your First Playthrough

During your first playthrough, I recommend unlocking all the character moves. Focus mode and counterattack were the first upgrades I purchased in-game. These made the bosses easier to tackle. Other than that, I recommend sticking to whichever character and weapon combo you enjoy using. Don’t be afraid to experiment with synthesis as you start to get bombarded with more items than you need. Making tech every once in a while is certainly fun to do as long as you have usable slots on your characters. Fully equipping the weapon and tech slots on your autobots make them more likely to survive when you get to the parts of the game where you fight alongside them, and the challenge missions. When you finish your first playthrough, you will have all the access you need, as long as you follow this guide, to the top tier items you will need for the challenge missions and commander difficulty setting. Just enjoy your game and do not worry about min-maxing all your characters too much.

“D” rank weapons max out at level 5, “C” ones at 10, “B” at 20, and then it goes up even higher with “A” and “S” rated weapons. As you upgrade from weapon to weapon using synthesis, you will increase their levels towards their max and possibly upgrade the skills, or modifiers, associated with that weapon. For example, if you combine two items that have WpnSpd lvl 1 (Weapon Speed Skill Level 1), they will meld into one modifier, Wpn Spd Lvl 2. The leveling up of modifier bonuses seems to taper off pretty early on the lower grade weapons. So make sure to look at the preview screen of the finished product when you use weapon synthesis to properly carry over bonuses.

Also during your playthrough, you might find the type of weapon you are using just doesn’t match the damage output of others, or your Autobot of choice can’t use the weapon you want to re-equip to him. Another likely scenario is that you have maxed out the level of a “D” or “C” ranked item and you just found a “B” one you want to switch to. In all of these cases, your previous modifier bonuses and leveling will carry over through synthesis, as long as enough modifier slots (see the horizontal boxes with horizontal lines through them in the stat preview) exist for all the bonuses you want to migrate to the new item.

Transformers Devastation Weapon Synthesis Guide Weapon Listing

Drill weapons seem to be among the most powerful.

Transformers Devastation Guide | Farming Weapons, Credits, & Skill Bonuses

Now that you have completed the game, there should be a lot of challenge missions available. This is how you will rake in the credits and weapons with very little time investment. Also, this would be a good time to start equipping as much rare item drop bonus modifiers, credit drop bonus modifiers, and weapon drop bonus modifiers as you can onto the one character you will be using for most of the challenge missions. Then head over to challenge number 50 as soon as it becomes available. Play it on the Commander difficulty setting. This mission is only one minute and thirty seconds long and extremely easy to get the highest ranking of “SS” on. This will award you very highly ranked random weapons for completing it at the highest difficulty setting.

Transformers Devastation Challenge Mission 50

Challenge 50 on Commander Difficulty is the best for farming.

After you max out at 200 weapons and need to sell your extras, I would suggest selling off all of your level one items that have no modifiers, or modifiers you don’t want for synthesis. In time, your gear will cost tens of thousands of credits to upgrade through synthesis and level one, two, or three gear will be worth way more as sold items.

My suggestion is to deck out your characters with all weapons ranked “A” or “S”, as they will last quite the while. Then I would suggest holding onto lesser grade weapons of level five or higher to feed to your prime weapons through synthesis. Selling items level four and under will quickly allow you to build up credits for synthesis, building tech, raising stats, and buying items in the lab.

Transformers Devastation Guide | Weapon Synthesis 101

Transformers Devastation Guide Drills

So we found another item with Item Pull level 2 we want to fuse to the Drills.

Higher Ranked Items Have More Modifiers/Skills

Certain weapon types seem to have less slots for skills. However, all weapon types have more potential slots as you find the higher ranked ones. Something interesting that can happen is that you merge three of your lower level items into one crazy “A” or “S” ranked weapon and preserve some of your stat modifiers and upgrade the rest.

Before selling off low rank gear, make sure you check out your current stock to see if you have modifiers you want to keep and infuse into your high end 6-slot rated “S” weapons.

Hacking Modifiers 101

Use the preview screen that shows you what you are building to make sure the results are what you want. Often, you will find that you have already maxed out a modifier on an item, and you will be using up another open slot instead of condensing your modifiers as you had originally intended. Normally, adding together two modifiers together that are identical-same name and level-through synthesis will lead to the creation of a single modifier with the same name that is one level higher.

Early in the game, upgrading modifiers are simple as they only range between level one and three, and just about every modifier can be leveled up to at least two on every weapon type. Let’s say you want to increase the damage of a weapon, the attack modifier. Let’s say you have a “C” ranked weapon with Level 2 ATTK that you want to upgrade to level 3. In your inventory, you also have two ranked “D” items, each of which has the Attack modifier of +1. You should synthesize the two ranked “D” items first, as they will produce an item with a +2 modifier for attack. Then when you go to synthesize the ranked “C” item with the newly synthesized ranked “D” item, the two +2 modifiers should fuse together to make a +3. Definitely look at the preview screen to make sure that such level increases will work. Also make sure you choose the item to be upgraded first so you don’t accidentally lose it during the synthesis.

Transformers Devastation Weapon Synthesis Preview

Here we see in the synthesis preview that the two Item Pulls level 2 will fuse to make level 3.

Which Modifiers Are Best

During your initial playthrough, I would recommend sticking with Weapon Drop Increase modifiers, Rare Weapon Drop Increase modifiers, one Easy Item Pick-Up modifier and possibly a couple of Recovery Item increase modifiers. Your initial weapons are light and fast, so the plus damage percentage modifiers do not offer much. Increasing your weapons that deal 3000+ damage later on by 5% becomes much more significant. You should probably conserve your recovery items until you are super close to beating a boss and you absolutely need the boost. Recovery items disappear forever once you use them, even if you die and respawn at the last checkpoint. Be careful and selective with them. Also you may want to avoid going into an ultra hard commander mission when you are fully stocked with auto-revives until you are properly equipped.

Once you are getting into upgrading your rank “A” and “S” weapons, upgrade your gear in the way you want to use them. Perhaps you will always be on the hunt for more weapons and want to keep using those modifiers. Maybe you want to speed up a heavy damage weapon. Maybe you want to max out your area of effect grenade damage. Possibly, you could turn one of your autobots into a ranged weapons expert with tech that adds to its ranged damage. Maybe you want to equip all of your other autobots with heavy hitters while you max out on quick hitting stuns. Experiment to find your play-style or build up an armory so you can mix it up.

Tech Support

Since building tech is expensive and the bonus skills are randomly generated, I’d recommend holding off making any once you have equipped all your characters’ slots. Once you have an idea of how you would like to build out each Autobot weapon-wise, then you can start mass producing tech then handing them out to the right character or selling them in the lab.

Cheap Upgrades

Since high level weapons cost a lot to upgrade, it will often be most cost efficient to upgrade skill levels through synthesis on lower level items before fusing them to higher ones.

Transformers Devastation Guide | Evolution of your Autobots

As you probably have gathered by now, your transformers in Devastation are going to have an arc going from carrying weak weapons to slightly upgraded, okay ones. Then there will be a leap to awesome weapons. All the while, you should be carefully monitoring your modifiers to make sure you keep the ones you like and kick the ones that become obsolete. Your initial credits you get during your first playthrough are very limiting in terms of potential character development. If you plan to keep playing past your first playthrough, then this guide will really help the game shine.