1. Metal Gear Solid


Enough cannot be said about the entirety of the MGS franchise, however the spotlight of Konami’s top game goes to the one that started it all in the series, the original Metal Gear Solid. Snake’s first PlayStation adventure saw the legendary soldier return to the battlefield. It was up to Solid Snake to sneak, fight and cardboard box his way through a military complex filled with enemy soldiers on Shadow Moses Island. But rather than put out a simple stealth-action game, Konami created a grand, mysterious adventure filled with tons of personality. Each character, even bosses such as Sniper Wolf and Vulcan Raven, had so much depth that learning about them through codec conversations were half the fun. It’s difficult to think of other Konami games within the same era that was as complex as the first MGS as its uniqueness definitely cemented a strong identity with the studio. The franchise, since then, has grown extensively with each new game adding even more complex lore and characters. This year, Konami has already released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which received high scores from many critics. However, it’s the original Metal Gear Solid topping the list as Konami’s best game.

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