Everyone knows that most video games based on films are notorious for being rushed and ill-paced, often used as a quick cash-in for the real main event. But worry not – Bit Cultures has taken the time to supply you with the few diamonds in the rough that stood out from the rest. These games stuck most to their source material, but also added some semblance of thought and originality that made a player feel like they were actually playing something more than ten minutes worth of a developer’s work. So without further ado, let’s dive in to the Top Ten Video Games Based on Movies!

Contributors: Alex, Donovan, Paul and Sierra.


10. Jaws Unleashed


Jaws Unleashed was released for the PS2 as part of the Jaws series of games, but stands alone with an entirely different premise: the player gets to be Jaws. Swimming around as one of the world’s most feared fictional giant sharks may be enough to please most players, however the gameplay in Jaws Unleashed allows for the players to not only explore, but also devour any creature (human or otherwise) who stands in their way, leaving them a bloody cloud of chum drifting away into the depths of the sea. However, aside from offering players the chance to breathe underwater, eat scuba divers, and generally be menacing, the game lacks in serious gameplay which consists mostly of small missions to eat orcas and smaller sharks. This lands the game at our number ten spot on this week’s list.


9. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers has the potential to appeal not only to fans of the film trilogy, but to fans of action and fantasy games in general. The game beautifully captures the energy of the first two films while allowing players a combat system with upgradeable attacks and additional unlockable game modes and content. While the game itself is short, its replay factor is high given the challenging combat and stunning scenery that leaves many players wanting more. The game is playable with three main characters from the movie series, again, adding replay potential. However, while the game is wonderful for a film to game adaptation, it could not particularly stand alone as it lacks distinguishing factors to set it apart from many of the other well-known hack-and-slash style games.



8. Spider-Man: The Movie 1-2


There’s been a good number of movies based on Spider-Man, and no shortage of games to follow up. Spider-Man: The Movie, based on the first of the Tobey Maguire films, is a standout from the crowd. Rather than just putting you through the film scene-by-scene, the game diverges from the movie, sending the player into battle against Spidey’s rogues gallery from the comics, including the Shocker, the Vulture, the Scorpion, and (in an Xbox-exclusive level, one of the first console exclusives for its time) Kraven the Hunter before adapting the film in earnest. Being able to play through these interconnecting adventures made the game feel far less like a retread of the movie. When the game does get to the movie’s events, it feels a lot more like the third act to a much bigger blockbuster, with an expanded chase sequence with the Green Goblin and an Oscorp break-in added in to really ramp up the action. With this game, great power came with a swinging good time.


7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released for PC, Game Boy Advance, and Play Station 1, each version offering their own take on the young wizard’s first year at Hogwarts. The PS1 version in particular, beautifully captures the magic of the story while allowing players to experience Hogwarts in their own way. The gameplay includes attending Harry’s classes and learning to cast spells and brew potions, along with exploring the castle and its expanse grounds in order to collect jellybeans, chocolate frogs, and discover some of the many secrets of the wizarding world. While the main storyline follows Harry Potter and his friends as they attend their first year of school and discover what evil has been going on deep within the castle’s inner halls, the game allows for many self-driven goals to be achieved as well as offering many hours of enthralling gameplay to a 100% completion while perfectly capturing the innocent feeling of excitement and wonderment at being thrust into an unknown and foreign world of magic for the first time.


6. The Warriors


Waaaaarrioooooors! Come out to plaaaaaaayyaaaaaay!! Who would’ve thought, that in 2005 somebody would get the idea to make a video game based on the classic movie from 1979. Unlike most movie based games you’re used to, Warriors wasn’t a quick cash in to coincide with a movie’s release and it wasn’t a subpar project given to a low tier developer just to have something done quick. This was a passion project from Rockstar who were fans of the cult hit and wanted to make a faithful adaptation. Who cares if it’s 25 years too late. Warriors brings together actors who were originally in the movie and depicts the look and feel of the 70’s thriller with uncanny similarity. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll love how some of the scenes were recreated shot for shot, and even if you’re not, this is still an awesome brawler that deserves your attention.


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