Who doesn’t love a classic Who dunit? Mystery games are a wonderful way for players to immerse themselves in a strange, new world and solve some kickass puzzles along the way.

Detective games wield a unique flavor that satiates the mind’s curiosity while broadening its depth for imagination. Any and everything is possible, with even in a cut-and-dry case slamming you with a plot twist.

Below are 5 detective PC games that will both entertain you with their storylines and challenge you with clue hunting, puzzle solving and all other forms of detective badassery.

The Wolf Among Us

One of Telltale Games most popular titles, The Wolf Among Us (based on characters from the Fable comics)follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf  (see what they did there?) as he investigates a murder in a twisted fairy tale corner of New York City.

Kathy Rain

Snarky? Check. Punk? Check. Sleuthy as hell? Check plus. Kathy Rain is the type of girl who makes you wonder whether you’re scared of her, love her or both. She’s a vibrant, complex and compelling female lead whose story takes place in her small hometown as she tries to unearth the story behind a mysterious accident that left her now-deceased grandfather catatonic years prior.

It all starts off with a funeral, but you’ll soon find yourself calling military bases and hunting down a dead girl’s artwork on Kathy’s sweet motorcycle.

In short, it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The world’s most famous detective has a dark side. Explore Victorian London as Holmes himself, alongside trusted companion Watson, and investigate a case in which you’re the main suspect.

This game has three different camera modes, which I found pretty neat, and all of the crime scenes are detailed and challenging enough to make you really feel like a detective. Fans of the books will especially love this game since i presents a completely new and original storyline.

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

There are a lot of Nancy Drew games for PC; 32to be exact. The Silent Spy is the 29th installment in the saga and by far one of Nancy’s most thrilling and emotional cases yet. Join everyone’s favorite teen detective as she travel’s to scenic Scotland to investigate the truth behind her mother’s tragic death many years ago.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

The title’s play on words is an apt description of the game itself. In Murdered: Soul Suspect, you play as a Salem, MA, detective named Ronan who has just been killed by a serial killer he was investigating.

Exorcising demons, conversing with other ghosts, and unlocking the secrets of Ronan’s past are all part of the fun in this 2014 open world mystery.

Tell us some of your favorite mystery games in the comments!