Why four and not five? Because I don’t play by the rules, not even my own. But, in all seriousness, I chose my top four FREE mobile “hot-seat” (aka local) multiplayer games that you can play while sitting in the same room with your friends. Because, who communicates anymore, anyway? In order to play, each of your friends has to be connected to the same wireless network, and have the game installed on their device.

Fun Run

Happy Tree Friends meets Mario Kart in this gory yet cartoony multiplayer game. In this sidescrolling game, you run through many different levels, with many unique interactive terrains, while trying to make it to the finish line before your friends. How can you do that? Oh… just by cutting them in half, electrocuting them, or cutting their head off.

The best part is your little avatar is both adorable and fashion forward. Each time you win a race against your friends, you collect points that can be used to purchase accessories in the Fun Run shop: things like sunglasses, boots, shirts, and more!

Download on Android and iOS

(There’s also a Fun Run 2 that has recently been released, but I haven’t had a chance to give it a try, yet. If you have, let me know what you think in the comments!)



You and your team are in space. Your one problem? Your spacecraft is falling to pieces, and you need specific instructions to hold it together, or avoid that asteroid coming straight for you. And the kicker: your teammates have those instructions. Playing with 3+ people (I suppose you could play with two, but that doesn’t cause nearly as much chaos), there are two things you’re able to do:

  • Interact with your spacecraft, switching levers and pushing buttons in the right order to save your life.
  • Read off instructions that will apply to someone else in your group. Who? That’s where the fun begins.

While playing you have to both listen for instructions shouted out that apply to your unique spacecraft, while also shouting out the instructions that flash on screen for one of your teammates to follow (or, maybe, instructions for yourself).

And, trust me, chaos most definitely ensues. Spaceteam is a fun, anxiety ridden multiplayer game where screaming is encouraged, and cursing is expected.

Download for Android or iOS


Battle Slimes

This is Super Smash Bros for mobile in the most simplistic form. You control a little, colored orb—known as a slime—and move through a platform, that looks a lot like a Mario, Kirby or Donkey Kong level. Meanwhile, you shoot even smaller, colored orbs, or Goomba-stomp your opponents. There are multiple different arenas, and multiple “power-ups” you can take advantage of during gameplay. Destroying your friends has never looked so cute!

Download for Android or iOS



Snake holds a special place in my heart, as does yelling at my friends and eventually hating them. Good thing Curvatron has come along! They have a standard Snake game you can play on your own. But the real fun comes into play when you play multiplayer Curvatron, and there are multiple snakes on the screen all moving in a twisty-turny motion. You thought Snake was hard with their sharp lines and angles? Try doing the same thing with a snake that moves like a normal snake might: swaying side to side.

The arena gameplay gets intense, especially when you can have as many as eight players on one screen! That’s where the yelling and hating of friends comes into play. If you don’t value those friendships, or at the very least are looking for something to yell about, give Curvatron a go.

Download for Android or iOS