5. Bella (Bravely Second: End Layer)


Though the game classes her as a Wizard rather than a witch, Bella’s is a certified witch in her fighting abilities and in her standard set of witchy skills. Being accused of witchcraft at a young age, she lost her whole family and was Hell bent on revenge for losing those she loved dear. Bella tried her best to bring them back to life but only ever managed to summon monsters instead. The only creature she successfully resurrected was an ancient warrior known as Cu Chulainn – though she accidentally turned him into a centaur in the process.

Dressed in dark garb and always holding her creepy talking doll, Bella is an unsettling member of this spooky list. She has a habit of toying with her victims and scaring them to death before she actually deals the killer blow. Despite her rather ghastly personality, she does care deeply for her centaur companion and should he part from her side in battle then beware her maniacal rage!

I certainly wouldn’t want to bump into her in the middle of the night.

~Caitlin Garden

4. Lulu (Final Fantasy X)


Lulu is a crowd favourite whose dark fashion sense is only surpassed by her magical abilities. One of the things I liked most about Lulu was the fact that, as a player, you were able to choose exactly what spells she cast and abilities she harnessed throughout the game.

Lulu isn’t a witch per say; she’s actually a traditional black mage who serves as a guardian to Yuna, the sacred summoner in Final Fantasy X. Her confidence, her straightforwardness and reserved compassion are all qualities that greatly assist Tidus during during his quest to defeat Sin.

The reason I included her on this list wasn’t just because she’s a stand-out character who has stayed in the hearts of thousands of players; she’s also incredibly powerful and possesses a level of magic that puts many of the witches to shame.

~Jessica Wynn

3. Wilbell voll Erslied (The Atelier Series)


If there was a prize for a witch that goes through the most amount of growth in their video game appearances then Wilbell would be up there. She lives in a world where her witch heritage must be kept a secret, yet has great dreams of becoming a full-fledged witch and gaining the approval of her family. Despite this determination however she can become a little bit distracted – tending to try quick solutions to her problems so that she can slack off.

Even though she is a witch poor Wilbell still has difficulty mastering the witch art of flying on a broom, meaning she isn’t about to win a race against any of our other witches any time soon. She makes up for this with her huge amount of enthusiasm and her eagerness to help others improve upon their own arcane abilities.

She may not be perfect but Wilbell has a special place in my heart for sure.

~Caitlin Garden

2. Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie)


She’s green, she cackles a lot, and enjoys moonlit rides on a broomstick. If you’re looking for a classic evil witch, look no further than Gruntilda from the original Banjo Kazooie game on Nintendo 64. She was my first introduction to a witch in video games, and I remember being both scared and mesmerized by her when she underwent her (spoiler alert) hag-to-fab transformative spell.

The main reason that Gruntilda deserves to be on this list is that she embodies everything fairy tale witches did from days past. There’s no longwinded backstory or coven backing her up; she’s just a mean old lady with magical powers who will do whatever she can to get whatever she wants.

Although she’s rather undesirable as a person, she deserves full praises for her serious witchitude.

~Jessica Wynn

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