1. Created a New Standard and an Insatiable Thirst


Perhaps a culmination of prior factors on the list, FFVII is a once-in-a-lifetime title that sets the bar extraordinarily high for video games in all facets of production. It stands alongside titanic games such as Ocarina of Time and Chrono Trigger, but was the first to take risks in what would become the modern look for games. Particularly in Square Enix’s current troubled state, gamers are quick to compare their offerings to what FFVII brought to the scene. Even FFVII’s spinoffs brought some of the most quality offerings Square has to offer, and for RPGs in general. Other titles even acknowledge the title’s power, inspiration, and legacy such as Ergheiz, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Kingdom Hearts, etc. The title’s impact is so well remembered and cherished that Square has finally committed to remaking the title for the PlayStation 4. It is a safe bet that the title will be one of the developers best-selling games in years. Such love for a title leaves room for the argument that the ceiling can go no higher. Other RPGs, while offering their own beloved ideas and takes on conventions, fondly recall the bar set by FFVII and are better for it.

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