1. Kratos (God of War)


I was on Kratos’ side in the original God of War. After finding out he was tricked into murdering his own family by the Greek god Ares, Kratos’ unquenchable rage against the Greek gods made sense. But as the franchise carried on, Kratos’ fury continued to be less and less justified. His actions are semi-justified in the second game and PSP games, but by the third game, it’s frightening clear who the real villain is. Somehow his anger against a particular god has stretched to include all Greek gods and Titans. And yes, Zeus may be a jerk, but what did Helios or Poseidon ever do to you Kratos? In his quest for vengeance, Kratos destroys all of the earth in God of War. The world floods when Poseidon dies and the sun disappears with Helios’ death. It’s even worse in God of War: Ascension when Kratos brutally murders women (the Furies) for essentially doing their job! At one point , Kratos’ fury was understandable, but it’s hard to have a lot of sympathy for a man who uses another person’s head as a flashlight.

~Ryan Dodd

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