1. Tamriel (Elder Scrolls)

Tamriel. The very name evokes vivid imagery of the fantastic; elves and enchanted forests and ruins, blacksmiths forging the finest blades and armor, adventure beckoning across every horizon. This is the world of The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Studios’ flagship title and renowned open world RPG. Across the sprawling continent lie the various, unique locales that each game inhabits: Morrowind to the west, with its dense swamps and giant fungi, Cyrodiil at the center, where the Imperial City lies, Skyrim to the north, with its rolling hills and snowcapped mountains. No matter which installment of The Elder Scrolls you play, each one showcases a medieval fantasy world that is rivalled by no other, a place where all your Lord of the Rings-esque desires can be fulfilled. Want to slay dragons and save the realm? You got it. Want to become the fiercest orc to ever live? Check. How about stealing all the gold and riches from an entire town? Well, you can do that too. Anything and everything is fair game in Tamriel. You just have to have the courage to step out your front door.

~Peter Starr

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