With Uncharted 4 arriving today, we thought we’d examine some of the most memorable thieves in the industry. In so many of the games we love today, thievery is ever present. Whether the thieving is begotten from the player, a main character, or a very minor one, games often incorporate the issue of theft. But in many of these cases, being a thief isn’t necessarily unethical. Sure, some characters thieve purely for greed, but others act as a sort of Robin Hood for their respective worlds. Below is a list of 10 of our favorite thieves in gaming.

10. Phantom Thief B, or Bleublanc (Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel)

thief 10

From one of my favorite RPGs of all time comes the legendary Phantom Thief B. While on one of Class VII’s field studies, the Phantom Thief B steals a tiara worth well over a million Mira. No one is harmed, however, and B promises to return the item if Class VII can solve his riddles. So off you go with Rean & Co. to uncover the mystery of Phantom Thief B, only to discover two things: Phantom Thief B is a master of disguises, and you only discover him because of some expert detective work; and B is also the noble Bleublanc, an eccentric man with vague intentions whom Rean has run into during an earlier field study.

~Evan Schwab

9. Golden Axe thieves (Golden Axe)

golden axe thief

Beat ‘em ups are always a twitchy ordeal for me, Golden Axe being no exception. When I see something, I will try to kill it. The little thieves in Golden Axe surprised me originally; at first I was expecting some annoying enemy, but instead you end up being dropped a plethora of useful items depending on which colour thief it is.

It’s easy to dislike these little gnomes at first, but the more you play the game, the more you realise how invaluable they actually are. Coupled with this, they are somewhat likeable in their bothersome charm, feeling appropriate when you realise they are thieves.

~ Jose Herrias

8. Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)

yuffie top 10

What is there to say about Yuffie? If you visit Wutai with Yuffie in your party, she pulls off one of the biggest heists in Final Fantasy history. Remember the little thief who steals your gil if you answer her incorrectly or open your menu or save your game when you first meet her? And then, when you finally ‘convince’ her to join your party, she’s already spent some? Yeah – she tops that by stealing all of your materia and forcing you on a wild goose chase throughout Wutai. What’s worse is that all of the citizens of Wutai go along with her highly illegal shenanigans, thus incriminating themselves. Luckily, Don Corneo kidnaps Yuffie (along with Elena of the Turks). Upon saving her and dealing with her bullshit, she finally returns the materia. To be fair, she was trying to boost the economy of a war torn land. And don’t get me started on her phishing scams from Crisis Core.

~ Evan Schwab

7. Patches (Souls & Bloodborne)

patches souls top 10

Who, of those familiar with the Souls series and Bloodborne, does not know Patches, the bastard? Perhaps the single most memorable (and recurring) character from FromSoftware’s highly touted series, Patches is also perhaps the most dastardly. Often tricking the player into hazardous and usually deadly traps, Patches’ thievery and deception knows no bounds. The worst part? We fall for it or are forced into it almost every time. Well played, Patches. Well played. Too bad Rom didn’t work out well for you.

~ Evan Schwab

6. The Player (Fallout/Elder Scrolls Series)

top 10 thieves the player

In real life, thieving is a crime, a sin even. In Elder Scrolls or the Fallout series, players often find themselves unleashing their cathartic need for theft in the form of stolen goods from the poor inhabitants of Bethesda’s flagship series. Be it the thieves guild, a mission objective or the desire for a particularly interesting looking object, nothing is more satisfying than dropping into stealth mode and successfully pilfering an item from underneath someone’s nose.

What makes our avatars such great thieves is the methods we go into stealing, often involving elaborate ruses to distract guards or remove onlookers – all for the sake of a ho-hum weapon or a candlestick worth 20 gold. It’s scary how much of a kleptomaniac we become. Thankfully, Bethesda have provided us with a release and prevented many enthusiastic gamers from feeling real life consequences.

~ Jose Herrias

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