1. Garrett (Thief)

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It would be nearly criminal (pun intended) to write a list about thieves and not even mention the character from a game that is actually called ‘Thief’. Garret, and we do mean the pre-reboot, Stephen Russell voiced Garrett, is the quintessential thief in video games, possibly even in contemporary media.

Garrett is everything a thief should be; agile, self-serving and even multifaceted. Most importantly thieves are typically not the nicest people, Garrett fits the bill, even shunning away many of his duties keeping stability in the city instead pilfering the pockets of the rich.

What really makes the One True Keeper a likeable character is his sarcasm and down-to-earth approach to situations, all of which are communicated whilst players immerse themselves within the character himself. On top of this, Garrett develops impressively over the course of the original series of games, giving players more reason to stick to the franchise. A testament to this could be seen when it was revealed that Ubisoft would be using a different voice actor for Garrett in the 2014 reboot, showing just how much impact the character has had on the fan base.

~ Jose Herrias

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