5. Locke (Final Fantasy VI)

locke top 10 thieves

‘Call me a treasure hunter, or I’ll rip your lungs out’. It’s certain that Final Fantasy VI Locke Cole would kill me for putting him on this list. Locke, from Final Fantasy VI, is one of the better characters in the game and also one of the more interesting.

Apart from his misdemeanour, Locke is characterised by his rather depressing back story and his devotion to the other characters in the game, specifically Terra and Celes. Even throughout Final Fantasy VI, Locke manages to deviate from the conventions of thieves in video games with his impressive stats and abilities.

~ Jose Herrias

4. Kasumi (Mass Effect 2)

kasumi top 10 thieves

Few thieves on this list are as deadly as the swift Kasumi. The most memorable piece of Kasumi’s story in Mass Effect 2 is her raid of Donovan Hack’s masquerade party. Not only does Kasumi and Commander Shephard prepare to the teeth in disguise and guile, but Kasumi manages to infiltrate the party completely cloaked without detection. But the kicker? She’s not an evil, greedy thief like one assumes when meeting a rogue. No, Kasumi is only driven by the loss of her love and her mission to reclaim his graybox (an item that holds a person’s memories). Your heart cries for Kasumi as she watches the last memories of her lover.

~ Evan Schwab

3. Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper)

sly cooper top 10 thieves

As a thief, it’s expected that those who pilfer fall into the less altruistic side of the character spectrum. Sly Cooper is none of this. Despite using the shadows to take what he wants, he only does this to stick it to those who have wronged him or others in the past. On top of this, Sly is a really likeable raccoon, with a suave charm that would even overshadow The Fonz himself.

As expected of a raccoon, Cooper is agile and can easily maneuver through the night, even using his skills to beat an evil, robot owl. Overall, Sly is just a character that is easy to take to, immersing players into his life of thievery, stealing our hearts in the process.

~ Jose Herrias

2. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

nathan drake top 10

Who’s more renowned than Nathan Drake of Uncharted? Few to none. It’s easy to see how Nathan Drake stole his way to the top of our list and hearts. Charismatic, witty, and sly, Drake fits all the characteristics necessary to become a master thief. But not only does Nathan Drake plunder his way through ancient ruins and mystical lands to acquire rare artefacts, he often saves the day. How many heroes can say that they’ve routinely saved the world (regardless of if they’re responsible for putting it in danger)?

~ Evan Schwab

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