1. Unnamed (The Stanley Parable)

The Stanley Parable’s best aspect isn’t its main character, but the one telling him what to do. While office drone Stanley’s main job is to walk through doors, the Narrator’s prime purpose is to spin a grand, epic tale of mind control, evil corporations, and an escape to freedom. Unfortunately, the Narrator’s vision hinges on you following everything he says to the letter, and when players break from his mold and inevitably go to do something stupid like, say, hide in a broom closet for about five minutes, that’s when it becomes clear that he’s more than just a passive-aggressive voice in the sky. He can reset the game at a whim when you decide to veer off the beaten path, and he’s more than happy to tell you when you’ve done something horribly wrong in the most patronizing way possible. Sometimes The Narrator will be conciliatory, taking you on a whole new adventure because the first one you went on just isn’t going to work out. He might even have a heart-to-heart with you once in awhile. But when you piss him off, you’ll learn just how far The Narrator will go to make you (and poor, innocent Stanley) suffer for it. It’s his story-you’re just in it.

~Donovan Bertch

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