1. Goombas (Super Mario Series)


Ah, yes, the quintessential baddie in the king of video games, Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.. You encounter this angry, little mushroom just minutes into the 1985 classic, granting it a place among the most iconic video game enemies in all of history. While the Goomba itself isn’t all that threatening (you can stomp it in one jump), it’s only the beginning of an onslaught of Mushroom Kingdom enemies uniquely known as the Koopa Troop. As you should all know, the leader of the Koopas is none other than King Koopa himself, Bowser, and as Mario (or Luigi, if you’re the unlucky sibling stuck with Controller #2), you are tasked with the mission to save Princess Peach from his scaly clutches. Sure, the Hammer Bros. and Lakitu may present a challenge even for the most experienced of players, but the Goombas are the real heroes here for throwing themselves at the Mario Bros. (or off cliffs, because, you know, they don’t seem to ever stop walking) to give your little plumber those extra points to get the high score. Thank you, Goombas, for giving this girl an unforgettable childhood in games.

~Laura Chandler

Honorable Mention: Mimics (Dark Souls, Final Fantasy, etc.)



Why are these our honorable mention? Because these creature do not just reside in one game. They span over multiple games. Rather than minions of the bosses within the games, these are like minions of the game designers. They place these beings in the world and we find them looking like chests and rewards, foolishly thinking there is hope and the joy of being rewarded for our progress. That is, until they’re being attacked—or eaten in Dark Souls—and after catching players off guard once, they’ll just be beaten down the next time… until the next one shows up and we get fooled again.

~Melissa Buranen

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