5. NateWantsToBattle

Nathan Sharp, also known as NateWantsToBattle on YouTube, always manages to make something unique out of whatever he records. Whether it’s a Bilboard Top 40 hit turned into a song about the Pokémon Muk or English covers of anime themes with his own instrumentals, Nate makes something new and fun out of everything he works with. Nate’s video game themed songs in particular are a blast to listen to. His song cover a variety of genres to deliver new takes on familiar melodies. His parodies manage to make the most absurd concepts both really enjoyable and strangely catchy (Taylor Swift and Minecraft make an oddly satisfying pair). His original compositions are especially cool as he takes inspiration from the worlds and characters of different games to make songs that mesh really well together. With more music coming down the pipeline in a number of genres and topics, NateWantsToBattle has a little something for everyone and then some.

~ Donovan Bertch

4. Miracle of Sound

Of all the fantastic artists featured on this list, arguably none have a more diverse output than Gavin “Miracle of Sound” Dunne. With any consecutive releases you may, for instance, have a 50s doo-wop tribute to Fallout 4 followed by the 80s anthemic stylings of his Metal Gear Solid V track. Where a lot of entries here have showcased musicians who represent the very best of a particular genre, Miracle of Sound represents a tremendous ability to venture into different musical styles in a manner which always gets to the heart of what’s most interesting or striking about a particular game. Moreover, the songs themselves are freaking awesome, a feat which is outstanding considering just how prolific the work is. Miracle of Sound is a fantastic and versatile artist with an already huge discography to explore for yourselves!

~ Connor O’Malley


3. DJ Cutman

DJ Cutman has a lot of work to his name, to say the least. While he only has three “volumes” of his own albums, DJ Cutman’s work, if his soundcloud is any indication, spans over five hundred tracks. What makes up the majority of these tracks, you ask? Remixes! Cutman’s forte is in taking even the simplest of songs from a number of video games and creating all-new tracks out of them. There are some you might expect, such as songs from Mario, Zelda, and Mega Man, which are constant staples of his work. Mainstays aside, Cutman has also reworked tracks from more recent titles like Fire Emblem Fates and Bravely Default along with more obscure titles like Comix Zone and Socket. He’s even remixed music from gaming consoles themselves and other musicians, like Smooth McGroove and Ninja Sex Party. He also helped found the record label “Game Chops,” offering a platform for and assistance to up and coming musicians in the game remix genre. It’s definitely safe to say that this DJ is a cut above the rest.

~ Donovan Bertch


2. Sammus

Rapper and producer Sammus begins the song “Power Ups” with the lyric “Landed my ship you can call me Picard”, then later asserts “No one woman should have all this power/ Woah my power level broken your scouter”. It’s a fantastic thing to have a performer willing to so brazenly venture into geekdom, and to do so with a fantastic beat to boot. Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo chose the alias Sammus after Samus of the Metroid series. It’s an apt reference point as Sammus raps with a kind of assertion and fearlessness that perfectly compliments the armored heroine. While the entry point for listening would be the utterly sublime album Another M, there are also songs about other games such as Castlevania and Mario Kart to keep your video game inclined ears happy.

~ Connor O’Malley


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