One of the great things about video games is the diverse cast of characters they can provide. From brave heroes and diabolic villains to everything in between, the spectrum of personalities is a wide one. In honor of everyone’s favorite inebriate inspired holiday, we’ve decided to look at some of the wilder characters in gaming. So crack a cold one, pour a shot and indulge yourself in our Top Ten Game Drunks.

10. Chen Stormstout – World of Warcraft

TTGD ChenArtChen Stormstout is never specifically stated as being a drunk, and may well not be. But being both a legendary brewmaster and an epicurean, conclusions can be drawn to support the argument that Chen doesn’t have any reservations about getting “high on his own supply.” Within the Warcraft lore, Chen travels the world looking for new and rare ingredients for his brews. Along the way, he stops and talks to travelers and tells of his adventures. I’d bet money that they break the ice over some of his world famous drinks.

~ Jeremy Schepper


9. Geralt of Rivia – Witcher 3

Witcher 3 was hands down one of the best games of 2015.  It’s fantastic characters, dialogue, side quests, and monster hunts made it the most immersive game I’ve ever played.  Part of its greatness is that it allows moments of levity.  Not every quest needs to end in violence.  A prime example of this is the “Drunk Quest.”  After assembling at Kaer Morhen with Yennefer and other companions, Geralt can choose to stay up late and get sloshed with Eskel and Lambert  The quest is great not only because it provides backstory and reveals more about characters, but it’s downright hilarious.  The three Witchers get into some hijinks, such as stealing their mentor’s hat, trying on a dress, and drunk dialing the Council of Mages. Sounds a lot better than my blackouts.

~ Ryan Dodd

8.Talon – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

TTGD Drunk TalonOcarina of Time may be a family friendly game, but the not so subtle hints about this character make his drunken shenanigans pretty clear. Let’s look at the facts: the guy has a tendency to pass out on the job and he’s always wandering off leaving his family to fend for themselves. This is such a common occurrence that even his poor daughter, Malon, devised a plan to wake him from another drunken stupor. Every time we meet Talon, he’s sleeping and more than likely trying to sleep off yet another hangover. Or maybe I’m just cucoo, but all I’m saying is there’s something else in that milk at Lon Lon Ranch.

~ Nick Grave


7. Irish – Red Dead Redemption

“They say God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world.” Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic game, not only because of its amazing open world and combat, but also because of its hilarious side characters.  Cooper, the creepy gravekeeper who talks to his corpses, or Nigel West Dickens, the charming con man, are just a few examples.  But my personal favorite was Irish, a fast-talking ladykiller and perpetually drunk Irishman.  It’s hilarious to watch him drunkenly screw things up, while Marston sighs with exasperation and fixes everything.

~ Ryan Dodd


6. Sanguine – The Elder Scrolls Series

TTGD sanguineSanguine is the Daedric Prince of debauchery and all things bacchanal, and he doesn’t let you forget it. He plays at least a minor role in a few of the Elder Scrolls games, and alcohol is always a key component to his involvement. In Oblivion, Sanguine can be summoned and invites the player to a massive, lavish dinner feast. He again appears in Skyrim disguised as a man named Sam Guevenne and challenges the Dragonborn to a drinking contest. Sanguine is never hostile by nature, proving instead to be more interested in getting the player completely lit and prepared for a wild night on the town. I would not rely on him being a designated driver though, as he is a Daedric Prince after all.

~ Jeremy Schepper


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