Alan Wake – Alan Wake Series

Like many struggling writer stereotypes, Alan Wake tends to lean toward the drink for relaxation and inspiration. It may not define his character like others on this list, but this scene in particular (which starts at 9 minute mark) does earn him a nod.

~ Nick Grave

Gavlan – Dark Souls 2

The Dark Souls series is known for having strange and depressing NPCs as the decaying world is a hallmark of the franchise.  However, lonesome Gavlan grants a welcome reprieve from the misery.  “Gavlan wheel?  Gavlan deal!”  Chug chug.  That’s essentially his only dialogue and he chortles gleefully when you buy supplies.  Gavlan might have the secret to surviving in the Dark Souls universe.  Don’t throw your controller against the wall, just chug a beer.

~ Ryan Dodd

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