What’s a good game without a good ending? Some of our favorite games have some of the most unexpected endings, as well as drop-offs that kept us wishing for more. But while Golden Sun and Halo 2 presented us with their eventual resolutions, there are some games we love that have yet to scratch that itch. This list is about those games that ended with their cliffhangers unresolved, and it’s published in the hope that we will one day be given the sequels to satisfy.

10. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Gaming’s beloved hedgehog had his first (and only, to-date) RPG title in 2008 with Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Being an RPG by BioWare, players expected a bigger, grander and potentially darker story, and while the plot isn’t on the level of something like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI, it managed to create an intriguing scenario for Sonic and his crew. But the ending leaves a lot to be desired.

You end up teaming up with Eggman as the new threat, Grand Imperator Ix, seeks to destroy Sonic’s world. As you go to confront Ix in an alternate dimension, Eggman is left behind, supposedly to ensure they return safely. However, when you return, you learn that Eggman has conquered Sonic’s world in his absence…and then the game ends.

At some point, BioWare was apparently set to produce a sequel, and they were bouncing around ideas for how to follow up on the ending. But after the company was bought by EA, plans for a sequel were dropped. Now, all we have left is an RPG story that never fully finished. Though maybe the upcoming Sonic Forces will be tied to Chronicles, since Eggman has apparently conquered the world? It’s highly doubtful, but it would be an interesting – if confusing – way to answer this cliffhanger.

~ Daniel Hein

9. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper did not have the easiest time adjusting to the newest generation of consoles. The once beloved action-stealth franchise finished its original trilogy way back in 2005 with Honor Among Thieves, the last game in the series produced by Sucker Punch before they went onto basically become the Infamous company. This left the next game in the franchise, Thieves in Time, in the hands of Sanzaru Productions, who made an overall solid attempt at recapturing the spirit of the original.

They ended the game with the titular character going missing and the rest of the Cooper gang promising to find them. And, wouldn’t you know it, there was an after-credits scene showing poor Sly trapped in ancient Egypt, so obviously, they had to be working on something to finish that plotline up, right? No? Uh oh. How about that movie? In flux. Great. Least there’s a TV show now?

Hopefully? Please?

~ Donovan Bertch

8. Dino Crisis

Dinosaurs and time travel—what’s not to love? The Dino Crisis series has something of a cult following and fans have been waiting eagerly for a new title—and some resolution.

As part of a team of secret “clean-up” special agents, Regina is sent through the Time Gate to investigate the sudden disappearance of Edward City and its research lab in 2010. Almost immediately, Regina and her team are attacked by flat-out dinosaurs. Regina and one of her teammates, Dylan, are the only ones to survive.

Investigating the research facility, Regina and Dylan are attacked by everything from velociraptors and triceratops to mosasaurs and a t-rex. There’s also a mysterious band of helmeted soldiers who harry the two in tandem with the reptiles.

It’s eventually revealed that one of the soldiers is Dylan’s future daughter and that the dinosaurs, having come from the past, escaped and destroyed Edward City completely. With the facility about to explode due to dinosaur attacks, Regina is forced to flee through the Time Gate to get help for Dylan and his daughter in the present day.

And we never heard from her again, except as an alternate costume for Jill Valentine in RE3.

~ Joe Molohon

7. Viewtiful Joe 2

The Viewtiful Joe series’ untimely end feels like what happens when a fantastic series gets cancelled right before the final arc. In Viewtiful Joe 2, after defeating the evil Emperor Black and saving Movieland (again), our heroes Joe and Sylvia watch as a mysterious castle rises in the distance. Knowing their job isn’t over yet, our heroes set off to save the day once more. Everyone who played these games was waiting for the conclusion to this storyline with bated breath. Then the spin-offs showed up. Double Trouble was an okay side-scroller, and Red Hot Rumble was… a game, that’s for sure.

That was okay, though, because Viewtiful Joe 3 was on the way, right? Unfortunately, it was not to be–developer Clover Studio dissolved shortly thereafter, and most of its creative types went on to work for Platinum Games while Joe was left back at Capcom. But hey, if Samurai Jack and Twin Peaks can come back years after cancellation, maybe there’s hope for something ‘viewtiful’ on the horizon.

~ Donovan Bertch

6. Alan Wake

Alan Wake follows the story of its titular character as he struggles with the surreal made real. When his wife, Alice, goes missing, writer Alan Wake finds that a supernatural force has taken over the town of Bright Falls, a shadowy presence that seems to be turning the fiction of his unfinished book into reality.

Alan Wake’s storytelling is memorable for its episodic, film-like format, as well as for the cliffhangers that bookend each of these episodes—including the very last one.

In his fight against the Dark Presence of Bright Falls, Alan does eventually save Alice from the entity at the end of the main game—at the cost of his own capture. The next DLC episode then continues with Alan Wake trying to escape from the world of “the Dark Presence”, where he fights an insane version of himself. The second DLC tells us that the previous escape failed, and that Alan is still trapped in the Dark Place. But when Alan finally defeats his dark persona by merging with it, he’s still trapped.

The final chapter ends with Alan beginning another book to try to escape. And honestly, the situation doesn’t look too hopeful.

~ Joe Molohon

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