1. Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good and Evil is the definition of a cult classic. With an engaging storyline, extremely well developed characters, and a hell of an interesting world to explore, the game was ripe with sequel possibilities. The final scene of the game makes it clear that there was more to come: after the heroine Jade wipes the alien force known as the DomZ by destroying their High Priest, all seems well… except for the fact that Jade’s guardian Pey’j discovers in an after credits scene that a spore from the DomZ is growing on his hand!

This is the quintessential sequel hook, and with how well it was received, a sequel was assured… except its sales just weren’t up to snuff. Over a decade went by with off-and-on announcements and very little hope for any kind of a sequel. Then, a miracle happened at E3 2017: Beyond Good and Evil 2 lives! Except, it’s a prequel, so we won’t be seeing the original cast (presumably).

Which fan got their hands on the Monkey’s Paw that made this happen?

~ Donovan Bertch

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