Gamers are curious. It’s why we explore to the edges of every gaming map and search for the secrets hidden in dungeons. We eagerly wait for more games to explore and more stories to dive into. This curiosity is where these unsolved questions are born from. Not all games or franchises are willing to provide the answers to the questions that gnaw at the back of our minds. Because of that we’ve compiled our Top 10 Unanswered Questioned in Video Games.

10. Does no one else see barcode tattoo on Agent 47’s head? (Hitman)

The series of Hitman games are about using stealth and being cunning to assassinate the targets on your mission using disguises, the environment, and a silenced pistol when necessary. Get noticed as a waiter? No problem! Just change into a bodyguard and no one will know. But how is any of that stealth possible when a highly visible barcode tattoo sits on the back of Agent 47’s skull. This unique mark makes for easy identification should he ever be caught for his crimes. Yet no one seems to catch on Agent 47’s disguise. The only point of reason that seems to be a determining factor as to why it is even in that spot above all others is, it looks cool.

~Melissa Buranen

9. What is the nature of Wander and Mono’s relationship? (Shadow of the Colossus)

In Shadow of Colossus, Wander seeks for a way to revive Mono. She is likely dead, knowing that she was sacrificed in the belief that her destiny was cursed. Wander does not accept that fate for her and he goes to great lengths to get her back. Not just stealing the ancient sword or traveling the forbidden lands, but defeating colossi beasts that tower over Wander in size. Why does Wander have such an attachment and need to revive Mono? Is she his friend, girlfriend, fiancee, sister, cousin? The answer is left for players to fill in. No matter the label we choose to give, there is no question about how much Wander cares for Mono.

~Melissa Buranen

8. What is Kingdom Hearts? (Kingdom Hearts)

The questions the Kingdom Hearts series raises are ones gamers have puzzled on for years. No, I’m not talking about the obvious ones (“Is 3 coming out before 2020,” “Why is Donald so bad at his job,” or “How many Ansems are there again?”) but the biggest of them all: just what is the titular Kingdom Hearts? Sure, we know it’s actually shaped like a heart, it’s made of hearts and light (because JRPG logic), and can apparently be cloned. What is it, though? Does it have a landscape? Can you walk on it? We know a world (in KH2’s case, one that Never Was) can be superimposed onto Kingdom Hearts, but does that mean it had no interior beforehand? We don’t even know when or how it was first formed. For now, all these questions and more remain a mystery…until the inevitable spin-offs complicate it some more that is.

~Donovan Bertch

7. Who/What is the G-Man? (Half-Life)

The G-Man is a non-descript, businessman-like figure from the Half-Life series who is surrounded by mystery. Despite his common appearance, he displays vast powers; including the ability to manipulate time and space; and it’s likely that he isn’t quite human.

The G-Man appears in all Half-Life games in some manner; even in the ones Freeman isn’t in. He’s always there in some form to help or hinder the player’s progress, though it isn’t always clear which, or whether he is a hero or villain. And after Freeman defeats the final boss in the first game, he enlists the player to his purposes, in service to his shadowy “employers”.

The recurring theme of the series seems to be this; a number of people know who the G-Man is, but no one knows what he’s really up to. He’s a cryptic figure who clearly has his own interests at heart, but no one even knows whether this is a good or thing or not.

The sad thing is, most of these questions were probably going to be answered by Half-Life 3. So the G-Man remains an enigma for now, as he likely will for the rest of eternity at least.

~Joe Molohon

6.Where is our Elizabeth? (Bioshock Infinite)

Shortly after you rescue Elizabeth from her confinement, you’re asked to make a choice. Should Elizabeth wear a brooch displaying a cage or one displaying a bird? The choice doesn’t actually make any real difference in-game, but it does play a role later on. And it brings to bear an important question.

Throughout the game, Elizabeth will wear the brooch that you chose. Towards the end, however, when things start to get really strange, an observant player will note that the brooch goes missing, along with our Elizabeth.

First, on the boat with the Lutece twins, the brooch becomes its opposite. And finally, at the baptismal spring, she loses the brooch entirely. This is something Booker seems to notice even and it suggests that this final Elizabeth we end up with—who is there just before several other iterations show up to drown Booker—is not our Elizabeth, the one we have had by our side throughout most of the game. There’s nothing to say where she is either, as we are left to wonder if she too might have been lost somewhere between the tears of reality.

~Joe Molohon

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