1. What is the story of the Velvet Room? (Persona)

The Persona games are full of mysteries. How do these kids get away with carrying around illegal weaponry on them? Why is each game’s different set of Persona themed in-universe? How far down is the Meat Dimension? The biggest mystery, however, is that of the Velvet Room. Introduced as the domain of the mysterious deity Philemon, the Room has essentially served as the player’s base of operations. It has had several inhabitants, ranging from a piano player to an opera singer and more, with only the long-nosed Igor sticking around for every game. While we know the broad strokes of where it is (located in the subconscious mind, “between dream and reality, mind and matter”), and who runs it, what exactly the Room is…that’s a bit vaguer. Is it a specific location that shifts from Guest to Guest, or a single spot that shifts its appearance TARDIS style? Exactly what are its mysterious, almost golem-like attendants? Why is a contract needed to enter? How powerful are its inhabitants? Are they even real? It seems that with each passing game, the mysteries of the Velvet Room grow deeper and deeper-and it doesn’t seem that Atlus is in any rush to answer them. Then again, who knows what the future may hold?

~Donovan Bertch

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