1. The Last Guardianguardian

The day is finally approaching… A game that has been in development for eight years and has suffered from numerous development issues (which led to it being considered cancelled) is planned to be out in 2016. Sporting a tweaked visual style and the everlasting Team Ico charm, the game was re-revealed at E3 in 2015 and left many viewers in awe. The adventures of the young boy and his companion, Trico, are still a mystery to us, but with some updated gameplay shown, they look to be full of interesting puzzles and set in a unique world. Originally branded as a Playstation 3 title in 2009, the game has been reformatted to the Playstation 4. Many, including myself, cannot wait to get their hands on this game, no… Work of art at some point in 2016.

~ Eric

Honorable Mention: Pokken Tournamentpokken

This game, announced to be brought over to the West only a few days ago, deserves an Honorable Mention more than anything other game announced for 2016. I mean, really, what more could we ask for than to simulate a Pokemon battle in real time? The gameplay looks clean and the Pokemon choices have been stellar (Pikachu Libre? We think so), in both the playable Pokemon and in the Pokemon supporting you from the sidelines. From Charizard to Gardevoir, from Suicune to Machamp, Pokken Tournament looks like it’s going to be a blast for both casual and competitive players alike.

~ Alex


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