5. Conception 2


If there is one term to describe Conception 2, it’s ‘Japan’. Conception 2 is a hybrid between JRPG, dungeon crawling, dating simulator and visual novel. It’s a strange mix by itself, but with the likes of Persona hitting the mainstream, this doesn’t really make it that weird.

What does make the game absolutely absurd is its unique gameplay mechanic. In this, the main character is found to be completely OP and able to create ‘Star Children’ to act as other party members for the meat of the game. How do you get these children you ask? By ‘classmating’ with other members of the academy in which the game is set and ‘holding hands’ to create these little nippers.

~Jose Herrias

4. Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel


With a name like Ar Tonelico Qoqa: Knell of Ar’Ciel – one boasting a full two real words – how could this game not make it on this list? Fans familiar with the Ar Tonelico/Ar Nosurge games already understand how odd they are. But Ar Tonelico Qoqa: Knell of Ar’Ciel really takes the cake of weirdness for two reasons: the first being that, as you bond with your characters, they can shed layers of clothing in battle to become more powerful, until they’re almost fully nude; and the second being that you bond with characters by ‘diving’ into them and experiencing some of the craziest inner thoughts of characters ever seen as they must overcome their real emotions to strengthen a bond. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, but it was definitely an odd ride.

~Evan Schwab

3. Time and Eternity


Few games have been so intriguing with such a bizarre premise. Time and Eternity puts you in the shoes of Zack, a dashing young man bound to be wed to his bride, Toki. After a few sexual innuendos and implications, the wedding is disturbed, and Zack is transformed into a small, flying dragon. As such, he must travel with the unknowing Toki and her alter ego Towa (they’re the same person) to reverse the unfortunate fate of Zack. Words do not do this game justice when it comes to describing the insanity. Time and Eternity, however, boasts a beautiful hand drawn world and set of characters, and the battle system is fun, if quickly stale. Still, this crazy game earns a well-deserved spot on this list.

~Evan Schwab

2. Hyperdimension Neptunia Series

hyper dimension neptunia

Having an odd cast of characters is nothing strange to the JRPG paradigm. In fact, it basically relies on it. Hyperdimension Neptunia took this aspect to stranger heights when it first release: A game that personifies different consoles and their manufacturers, culminating in a plot that parodies the classic console wars.

Even with the crazy dialogue and the lolicon fan service, the absolute absurdness comes in the form of the games abstract touches to gameplay. One attack allows the player to summon a warhead with the actual, digitally rendered face of Keiji Inafune (yes, the actual master of delays himself). Oh, and if that doesn’t cut it for you, you can even use classic Sega mascots as weapons or upload a picture of anything and use that.

~Jose Herrias

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