Okay, so maybe you don’t need any more games to pad your Steam library with. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a huge digital collection just waiting to be played, and you have every intention of getting around to it sometime . . . whenever that may be. Soon, right? Yeah, soon!

But the holidays are coming up. And so many games have come out this year. What if there’s a really good game out there that you’ve been missing out on and don’t know it? What if you NEVER FIND OUT?!

Oh well, no reason to worry. After all, you only have 20 bucks in your pocket. What’s that really going to get you in the end? It’s not like many worthwhile games are really ever sold at such a low price unless they’re on sale, right?

Sorry to say, bub, but no dollar is safe while Steam has anything to say about it. Here’s a list of 10 games that three of us here at Bit Cultures feel are fully deserving of that money. Not saying you need any more games, really, but . . . if it’s only going to be 20 bucks is there any real harm? It could be fun . . .


10. Life is Strange ($19.99 for all 5 episodes)

Life Is Strange

It’s hard to pull off a compelling game that relies entirely on plot for entertainment. Combined with the fact that the main character is an awkward teenage girl in high school, players may wonder if the game is really for them. However, Life Is Strange is so much more than its individual parts. It takes players on a crazy ride through a time in life when many of us wished we were lucky enough to have the power of time travel as our hero, Max Caulfield, is. However, problems are not as easily solved as they may seem on the surface. With many actions and decisions having their own individual consequences, Life Is Strange will make you think upon, regret, but ultimately come to terms with how you traverse being a teenager—all the while dealing with friendship and murder.

-Roderick Sang

9. The Binding of Isaac ($4.99)


When The Binding of Isaac originally released on Steam back in September 2011, it pretty quickly gained popularity due to its original and simple controls and devastating difficulty. For the cheap tag of $4.99, The Binding of Isaac was an easily accessible download that led to hours upon hours of blood-hurling gameplay. Isaac combines the eerie story of a psychotic mother who locks away her tormented child, Isaac, with a Lovecraftian collection of disgusting scenery and disgruntled monsters to create a comically haunting experience. Cleverly modeled enemies and bosses drive the theme home in this simple, hardcore button shooter. The original is available on PC and PS4 for approximately $5.

-Evan Schwab


8. Child of Light ($14.99)

Child of Light

Released on Steam in April of last year, Child of Light is a game that is just fun and heartwarming to play. Featuring a beautifully stylized watercolor aesthetic with a fast and engaging turn-based combat system, Child of Light truly stands out as a worthwhile RPG. Its fantastic musical score is so deeply immersive you’ll find yourself quickly attached to the characters and the world they live in. Plus, how many games can boast having all of their dialogue written in rhymes? It’s just so charming and cute!

-Roderick Sang


7. Chroma Squad ($14.99)


Have you ever wanted to create your own Super Sentai TV show? That’s what Chroma Squad is all about! From the minds that brought us Knights of Pen and Paper comes a game where you can manage your own TV studio to produce the best Super Sentai show ever, which includes giant mechs, color-coordinated suits, and lots of props. Manage your finances, marketing, advertising, and more. Garner a fan following, build your show’s community, and create the best show ever! Featuring a simple, yet deep tactical combat system with plenty of options, including inventive Teamwork attacks, props, weapons and more,  Chroma Squad is one game you do not want to pass up.

-Michael Jones


6. Shadowrun Returns ($14.99)


Back in March of 2012, Shadowrun Returns launched a Kickstarter project that garnered over $1.5 million. On July 25, 2013, the game released on Steam below the $20 price tag, and offered players an extremely enjoyable experience. Fans of turn-based strategical gameplay will find a lot to love in Shadowrun Returns. RPG enthusiasts will also enjoy the creative storytelling and hours of gameplay tucked in with character customization and interesting skill trees. Choosing a proper squad for each mission is also a thrill, as you utilize each character’s strengths to your advantage. And if you can’t get enough of Shadowrun Returns, developer Harebrained Schemes has released two DLC/expansions to date.

-Evan Schwab