***1. Star Wars: Kinect?


Star Wars Kinect. This game is a masterpiece. It may have gotten savagd by reviews and players alike, but they just don’t understand its nuance and depth. It had not one, not two, but FIVE different campaign types. You could be a Padawan in the Jedi Temple. You could be a Rancor, destroying everything in your path like some sort of Space Godzilla (someone should really make that a thing)! You could podrace, like no game has ever let you before (None. None at all. WHO SAID THERE WAS ONE THEY’RE LYING IT’S NOT TRUE THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE)! You could wield a lightsaber and fight off enemies in grueling battles! And most importantly of all, you could do what all Star Wars fans have been waiting to do for years: dance to the latest pop hits with lyrics changed to reference Star Wars! On top of it all, you could be put right into the middle of the action with the Xbox Kinect™® (All Rights Reserved). It’s like you’re really there, dancing alongside Han Solo and fighting off the forces of the Dark Side! Star Wars Kinect really is the best Star Wars game there is.

~ Donovan



1. Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox, Windows, Mac)


Finding its throne at the top of the list lies Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the original Xbox. KoTOR is a grand RPG adventure set in the Star Wars universe. Though it takes place about 4,000 years before the era of the Galactic Empire, Bioware Studios still delivered a Star Wars adventure filled with rich lore, an array of interesting and complex characters, and an unforgettable narrative. Players were able to craft their story and personal character however they wanted as well. Whether a security-savvy rogue or a heavy Vibrosword-wielding bruiser, Knights of the Old Republic managed to fit any variable playstyle. In-game choices further expanded on the dynamic narrative as those decisions tuned player-characters closer to either the dark or light side of the force, affecting NPC relationships and even the plot itself. If that wasn’t enough, players were able to travel around the galaxy and visit fully-fleshed out worlds like the Sith Academy on Korriban and the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk. Knights of the Old Republic defined what a great Star Wars game could achieve.

~ Rafael

10-6 5-2