1. Clementine (The Walking Dead: Season Two)

When it comes to sidekicks in gaming, there are few that match the caliber of this loveable youngster. Clementine is as conventional and realistic as a sidekick can get, providing Lee with purpose in a world infested with zombies – I mean walkers. Not only this, Clem provides a much needed grounding for players and adds a sense of weight to the plot, as well as coming in handy at many points of the first season. What makes Clementine truly compelling is the manner in which her character changes, going from a naïve child to a commanding woman as the series has progressed. A journey gamers everywhere have shared, to a point where we have actually grown with her, experiencing her changes in personality and attitude. Whereas most other sidekicks do receive a starring role at some point, few characters manage to become the face of a franchise. With season three wrapping up, the journey we’ve taken has shown that Clementine was truly meant to be the star, and she nailed it.

~Joe Hetherington

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