1. Portal Gun – Portal

There were many tools and weapons that made this list, but all the rest fell short to the almighty Portal gun. The brainchild of Valve and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, the incredibly complex device simply created a one-way portal on most flat surfaces that the user was able to manipulate to solve a myriad of increasingly complicated tests. While the game definitely finds popularity in its vague narrative and sarcastically genocidal commentary from the sentient AI antagonist GLaDOS, the Portal Gun itself is the real star of the show. The spacetime-bending powers of the gun were enough to make any user feel like a god, but Valve managed to take the tool a step further and make it applicable in ways that even they didn’t think possible. The Portal Gun is a masterpiece in both design and execution, a flawless example of what can be done with an incredibly simple concept. Valve’s ability to make the player feel all-powerful with a device that was designed for transportation is why the Portal Gun sits at the top of the best Sci-Fi weapons in gaming.

~Peter Starr

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