5. Sonic Amplifier – Overwatch

Of course we would add something from Overwatch! This game is filled with interesting characters and even more interesting weapons. It is quite tough to pick just one from the series, but we felt the sonic amplifier really stood out among the normal bullet-shooting handguns many other characters rely on (plus support characters never get enough love.) This special weapon not only causes mega damage to your opponents, but can also knock them right off their feet. More interesting though, is the fact that Lucio’s sonic waves come from music (he is a DJ!) Blasting enemies off their feet is not the only trick he can do. His sonic amplifier also heals and increases the speed of his fellow teammates. The sonic amplifier is as deadly of a weapon as it is a gentle one.

~Laura Chandler

4. BFG – Doom

When it comes to the top sci-fi weapons in gaming, of course we’d include the grandfather of all OP weapons in the grandfather of all sci-fi FPS. A staple of the DOOM franchise, the BFG-9000, or Bio Force Fun, or Big Fragging Gun, or (my personal favorite) Big F***ing Gun has always been the premiere weapon of mass instantaneous death in the coveted FPS series. Included in every release since the series inception, the BFG-9000 and its many variations, spreading to completely separate games like Quake and Rage, has been and will most certainly remain one of the most memorable and satisfying tools of destruction in all of gaming.

~Peter Starr

3. Needler – Halo

There’s no denying Halo as one of the greatest tales in all of sci-fi. Along with it’s classic galactic-wide conflict between humans and a superior alien force, the game boasts some of the tightest FPS gameplay you can find on consoles. Alongside its addictive core gameplay, the weaponry has always been a hallmark through the series. While each weapon can be used to devastating effect in its own right, ultimately one had to emerge as the top dog in the search for the top sci-fi weapons in gaming, and the Needler was the clear victor. While the Energy Sword gave a good fight, nothing can compare to the foreign satisfaction of pumping an opponent full of neon pink death. Its fast rate of fire, tracking projectiles and pink mist explosion make the Needler not only the most unique weapon in Halo, but also one of the most effective and satisfying.

~Peter Starr

2. Fatman – Fallout

The world of Fallout is full of futuristic and haphazardly taped-together guns (that somehow still annihilate supermutants.) Guns are aplenty in the wastes, which only makes sense if you live in a lawless desert and want to keep yourself alive. The god of all guns though is the aptly-named “Fatman,” a huge rail-like gun capable of launching miniature nukes at any of your enemies. There’s no better way protect yourself than launching nukes at the nearest enemy. Just make sure you’re a safe distance away, otherwise say goodbye to your limbs.

~Laura Chandler

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