1. Silent Hill 3- Amusement Park


Perhaps one of, if not my, favorite horror games of all time, Silent Hill 3’s amusement park tops our list of horrifying atmospheres. Whether it be the discarded bloody rabbit mascot uniforms, the lurking monsters, the rust infected scenery, or the dreadful rides, Silent Hill 3’s amusement park is reminiscent of Bradbury’s Something Wicked this way Comes. For me, however, the game’s scariest moment strikes at the ‘haunted mansion’ attraction. Narrated by a menacing voice, you walk through the halls of the ‘ride’, listening to the tragic and terrifying tales of the family who lived in this very same building. At one moment, the narrator speaks of the suicide of a man who, by the looks of it, is sitting in a squeaking chair across from you. But as the tale ends, the narrator reveals that he died by hanging, and down drops his corpse (with a perfect angle to help with the bluff and scare). If that isn’t enough, you’re chased out of the house by a red light – and if you touch it, you embrace death. Silent Hill 3’s amusement park doesn’t end there, featuring a bloody boss fight on a carousel of impaled and screaming horses, as if theme parks aren’t scarring enough.

~Evan Schwab

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