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They come in many different shapes and sizes.

Scenery. The world. Shapes. They’re everywhere, and they make up just about everything we see. Trees, too. But one of the most underrated aspects of our daily lives has to be the rock. Think about it; these rocks can range from pebbles to stones to enormous boulders – tiny, nondescript specks of sedimentary or life threatening murder stones. Dark Souls – we all love it, right? With the release of Dark Souls remastered on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One right around the corner, we figured we’d take a look at some of our favorite rocks.

10. Northern Undead Asylum Rock


This one’s a good one. Piled nicely at the foot of a grand hole in the prison wall, this stone forms a nice brick shape (hell, it could be a brick; who’s to say or care?). Its grayish brownish tints match the aesthetics of the asylum, perpetuating the bleak and dreary prison where none survive. Is there a better way to start off this top 10 rocks list than with the start of Dark Souls?

9. This Bonfire Rock


This is one wise rock. It sits just a few feet off of a nearby bonfire, safe from the lurking evils and warm during the wintry weather. Lonely, Bonfire Rock keeps an eye on your resting hunter, assuring no evil saunters his or her way. Plus, on the darkest of nights, Bonfire Rock will be more than happy to listen to your traveler’s tales and scary, scary nightmare stories.

8. Tomb of Giants Giant Rock(s)


A fitting rock with a fitting name, the Tomb of Giants Giant Rock towers above its contemporary brethren in the Tomb of Giants. Its twin sits next to it, resembling a great pair of hillocks. Basking in the pale glow of a hunter’s lantern, the Tomb of Giants Giant Rock blissfully watches the roiling tornado totems of bones slaughter the hapless newbie warriors at their weakest.

7. The Marble of Anor Londo’s Bonfire Room

Marble is a stone, right? And stones are rocks, correct? Metamorphic rocks to be exact. And these ones are shiny. Much like that bonfire rock that listens to your hollow tears, the Marble of Anor Landor’s Bonfire Room rock helps you tidy up your dirty armor via its shiny reflective surface. This little sassy slab will hardly need much remastering come May, as its pristine shimmers might only look better in HDR.

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