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6. The Painted Rocks of the Painted World of Ariamis

Not many rocks are as snowy as the Painted Rocks of the Painted World of Ariamis. Slick with ice and snow, the picturesque rocks haunt the faux world of Ariamis. If you look carefully enough, you might find the scribbles of a lost soul etched across and sunken into to softened skin of the painted rocks. They’re probably saying something like, “Surprise down below. Jump.”

5. The Rocks of Oolacile Township

Shanty on in to the Township of Oolacile and fine these fine little rocks chilling in misconstrued locations around the abandoned town. These trod upon rocks are misplaced and spilled about the streets of Oolacile, scattered at random from years of misuse. These rocks aren’t particularly special, but I’ve begun to run out of good ideas at this point, so I’m scraping.

4. That One at the Bottom of the Chasm of the Abyss

You can’t really see it from here, but I like that one.

3. The Rock I Skipped at the Old Londo Ruins

At this point, you missed my quadruple skipped rock. It rests in the deepest depths of the murky water in the Old Londo Ruins. It was pretty cool, but you missed it.

2. A Crystal in the Crystal Cave

I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory. Aside from the fact that I’ve pretty much run myself dry on any rock related jokes or puns, consider all of the great rocks you can find in a place known as the Crystal Cave. Need a diamond for that proposal? Crystal Cave. Need some materials to upgrade your gear? Crystal Cave has you covered. They all pretty much look the same, so choose whatever suits you best (yeah, that’s a bad armor related pun).

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