There have been countless robots throughout the history of gaming. From allies to nemeses, playable characters to NPCs, no genre in gaming is without its fair share of robotic characters. So, we decided to wade through the sea of bolts and batteries to come up with the best of the best, the characters that define what it means to be a robot (and not some filthy cyborg). Here are the Top 10 Robots In Gaming.

10. E-102 Gamma (Sonic Adventure)



There are plenty of robots from the Sonic series, but E-102 stands out the most. Gamma is a playable character in Sonic Adventure and acts as a servant to Dr. Eggman, but after a while he makes friends with Amy and turns on Eggman. There’s usually something appealing about robots who manage to create a personality of their own and break away from the rule of their creator. After Gamma breaks away it becomes clear that he has not only developed some sort of independent thought, but also some emotions as he sacrifices himself in order to save a family of birds. While a very silly reason for the character’s untimely demise, it gives more character to a robot that was created with the intention of being an emotionless killer.

~Joe Hetherington

9. HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Top 10 Robots HK-47 Image

HK-47 is the Krombopulos Michael of KOTOR. He’s as quick-witted as he is deadly, and his love for murder is matched only by his dedication to you. You purchase him on Tatooine, discovering that he is an assassin droid and built by Revan. You also discover that he’s homicidally hilarious. Commentary after commentary, HK-47 never ceases to entertain with his offers of gross and hyper-efficient slaughter. Not that he means to be funny; quite the opposite, really. He just loves killing. Particularly meatbags.

~Peter Starr

8. Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII)

Top 10 Robots Cait Sith Image 2

Although Cait Sith has been with the Final Fantasy series since it’s earlier iterations, the loveable robot cat from Final Fantasy VII is the machine that we thought had to be on this list. Strangely, Cait is not truly autonomous, instead being controlled by Reeve throughout the course of the game. It’s at this point that Cait becomes interesting, seeing as he starts to develop some sort of artificial intelligence (and, stranger so, a Scottish accent) which provides him with more personality. Plus, Cait Sith – at a base level – is a robotic cat who controls a giant robotic moogle, all whilst looking majestic as heck in a crown and a cape. What’s not to love?


~Joe Hetherington

7. R.O.B. (Nintendo)

Top 10 Robots R.O.B. Image

The Robotic Operating Buddy (or, R.O.B.) was originally launched as an accessory for the NES. It only worked with two games, Gyromite and Stack-Up, and its production lifespan was shortlived. That didn’t stop R.O.B. from becoming a Nintendo icon, however, as it has gone on to appear in multiple major Nintendo series. From Star Fox to Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. to Viewtiful Joe, R.O.B. is pretty hard to miss. It also doesn’t hurt that its design is very unique, and its stereotypically robotic personality still manages to have a charismatic charm of its own.

~Peter Starr

6. Robo (Chrono Trigger)

Top 10 Robots Robo Image

Complete perfection aside, Chrono Trigger had many aspects of its compelling structure, story and gameplay rooted in its rich and diverse roster of playable characters. One such member, Robo, showed us that being a clunky steampunk automaton could still come with its fair share of character traits. After being found in a post-apocalyptic future, Robo was intended as a death machine that should have taken out Crono, Luca and the rest of the party, but chose not to. Instead he was a hapless and curious little bot and underwent a surprising amount of character development as he studied the rest of the party, slowly assimilating their emotions. Apart from that, Robo is just as useful as the rest of the party. He uses his robotic arm to basically destroy pretty much anything. Despite not being able to use magic like the rest of the cast, Robo’s weapons act similar, being able to bomb the crap out of everything with dark and fire based effects. He is just one cool robot.

~Joe Hetherington

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