5. Clank (Ratchet & Clank)

Top 10 Robots Clank Image

Clank, aka XJ-0461, is about as classy as a sentient collection of nuts and bolts can get. The suave and collected companion to Ratchet, Clank is a character that has a surprisingly deep personality. Coupled with this is how deep his backstory has become over the later games, revealing that he is actually a time-travelling robot who is meant to be the keeper of time. When he isn’t protecting the world from time manipulation, Clank is typically acting as Ratchet’s impromptu backpack that doubles up as anything from a levitator to a jetpack. On top of all this, the little robot is proficient in his own brand of kung-fu and has even been a secret agent at one point in the series.

~Joe Hetherington

4. Claptrap (Borderlands)

Claptrap Image

There are plenty of robots in gaming with a high-end humor chip, but none are as funny as Claptrap, or CL4P-TP. His random commentary and arbitrary thoughts are perfectly complemented by his mandatory enthusiasm. “If I sound pleased about any this, it’s only because my programmers made this my default tone of voice! I’m actually quite depressed!” The character itself evolved nicely from a mascot and guide, to a plot-integral character, and eventually even a playable one. He can also break it down like a champ.

~Peter Starr

3. Legion (Mass Effect)


After an entire game of mowing down the Geth, Mass Effect 2 throws you a curveball and introduces you to a brand new companion, the Geth known as Legion. On his body is a piece of Shepard’s N7 armor. It turns out that Legion idolises Shepard to an extent. While Legion is a pretty cool companion throughout the second game, it’s in the third that he becomes an even better character. Towards the end of the game you approach Legion on a cliff, there he tells you that he can give the Geth individual consciousness. Every single one of them, they would no longer be one hive mind, but rather they’d be people, he just needs you to give the go ahead. Legion’s quest to gain consciousness for all of his people make him a truly admirable character.

~Jimmy Wallace

2. Zero (Megaman X)

Top 10 Robots Zero Image

Zero may be as iconic to the Mega Man X franchise as X himself and that’s with good reason, Zero is badass as hell. Just from design alone Zero looks rad. But as cool as his design is, its his role that makes him so iconic. Zero acts as X’s partner through the X series but most importantly he sets a goal, a goal other than just kill all the robots and win. At the beginning of Mega Man X, Zero is clearly stronger than the player. He rushes in and saves you from a big war bot that you couldn’t even tell if you were damaging, and he does it in one hit. Then he tells you that you can be just a strong as him. And that gives you something to achieve. You want to get all the suit upgrades, you want to get all the e-tank expansions, you want to go out and explore every nook and cranny of the levels just to make sure you reach that level of strength. I’ve seen this point brought up time and time again, but it really is what makes Zero so damn cool.

~Jimmy Wallace

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