1. United States (Fallout)


When it comes to post-apocalyptic worlds, there are not many to trump the world of Fallout as the best one. With a massive history rich in science fiction, and an alternate history where nuclear energy, robots, and power armor became commonplace in society, the world thrives despite the fact that most of the world is . . . dead. The nuclear destruction that obliterated the world in two hours has left the remaining survivors, most of which who originated from the Vaults, with scraps of old civilization as their only defense against mutated creatures, raiders, and evil beings who wander the Wasteland. On top of this already deep land filled with all kinds of characters, the world is also stuck in time. Since the bombings, no advancements were made, so the world is permanently frozen in the 50’s-esque style for architecture, vehicles, and other technology. This is one of the ways the world feels so unique. It has this haunting mixture of United States 50’s culture scattered around the corpses of ghouls and the bleakness of the settlements now residing in the wasteland. Not many worlds can compare to the amount of time and effort put into crafting this world over the last 18 years.