Pokémon has become one of the most well known and successful franchises to date. While, the games do what they can to explain every aspect they can to you that hadn’t stopped fans from filling in blanks with their imagination. Here are the Top 10 Pokémon Theories.

10. Wobbuffet’s body is a decoy


Wobbuffet has become as surprisingly well-known Pokémon and is even seen as one of the mascots of team rocket, or at least it is in the anime. But despite how much we’ve seen of Wobbuffet and how much we know about it there’s a rather popular theory that the blue creature we know as Wobbuffet is a decoy created by it’s tail, a part of the body that according to some pokedex entries Wobbuffet goes out of his way to protect, to prevent itself from taking damage as it’s to weak to deal with adversaries on its own. If the theory was true it would make for a good explanation for Wobbuffet’s extremely shallow move pool.

~Jim Wallace

9. Gengar is really Clefable’s Shadow


This is probably one of the more tame theories in the Poke-verse, but nonetheless interesting. The theory originated from a “creepy pasta” pointing out how Gengar, a ghost Pokemon capable of melting into shadows, could possibly be the evil shadow of the cutesy Clefable. There are plenty of examples as to why these two Pokemon are basically one in the same, and I’m more than happy to point it out to you. Gengar and Clefable share a very similar build, as well as eerily similar hands and feet. Next to one another, or mirrored, you can see the similarities more clearly. While they’re similar in build, they’re not so similar in type. In fact, they’re at opposite ends of the type chart. Clefable is a Normal-type Pokemon while Gengar is a Ghost-type Pokémon. Almost like a reflection. To me, what is the most damning is the fact that they are on polar opposites of the type chart. This begs the question, why would you hit your shadow? (And could the shadow even hit you back?)

~Laura Chandler

8.  The Venomoth/Butterfree mix-up


This theory was one of the first Pokémon theories I had ever really heard of and it’s always been really interesting to me since it’s based on mainly the design of the Pokémon, no pokedex entries, no dialogue, just design. Which also makes this one pretty fun to talk about. Let’s start with Venonat and Butterfree. The two most obvious design connections are the antennae that sprout from both of their heads and the major one being their hands. Each of these Pokémon’s hands look as if they were copy and pasted from one to the other. While I’ve heard that this theory may have been debunked, it’s still interesting to think that some Pokemon may have been planned to evolve from another before some last minute changes.

~Jim Wallace

7. Looker is from another dimension


If you first met the character Looker in Pokémon X, it’s clear that he’s supposed to be a private eye. He’s got the stereotypical trench coat, a melodramatic tone, and a tragic backstory involving a deceased partner Pokémon. If you started with Platinum, though, that connection is a little tougher to make. While he’s still on a typical detective case (stopping Team Galactic), everything else about him just seems…strange. His stilted speech patterns and his head-in-the-clouds attitude just seems too weird to have him be just a quirky detective. Later on, he shows up in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with a bad case of amnesia and a mega stone in tow. Something’s just plain off about this guy, with many theorizing him to be some sort of otherworldly traveler from another dimension, another time, or both (ala The Doctor from Doctor Who). Whether he was one before Platinum or became one in ORAS (itself involving dimensional travel), there’s far more to Looker than meets the eye.

~Donovan Bertch

6. Eeveelutions were brought back to life as legendary beast trio


The three legendary beasts from the Johto region (Entei, Raikou, and Suicune) are definite fan favorites, but their origins remain shrouded in mystery. All that is truly known about the three is that the Pokémon Ho-Oh created them after the destruction of Brass Tower in Ecruteak City, bringing them back in the form of elemental beasts (fire, lightning, and water). Their distinct, canine-like design has led many to believe that these three aren’t just incarnations of the elements alone, but reincarnations of Pokémon that had perished in the tower; particularly, a group of already well-known Pokémon: Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. The typing matches up pretty solidly between the trios and they each share some design similarities ranging from their four-legged nature to their fur color, among other things. As well, the idea of three ordinary Pokémon caught up in a tragedy beyond their comprehension being revived by a PokeGod as beings of immense power (only for them to flee deep into the wild) makes for some damn fine world building and storytelling.

~Donovan Bertch

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