5. Ditto is a failed mew clone


Ah, Ditto. Everyone’s favorite pink blob (and permanent resident of the Day Care Center, depending on how you play) has one of the more interesting abilities in the Pokémon universe, the power to clone itself into becoming anyone and anything you can think of. Fans have speculated for decades as to what gave Ditto its fantastic powers, but there’s one theory that plenty of people think provides the answer: Ditto is a failed attempt at cloning Mew, the original/progenitor of all Pokémon. There’s a fair amount of evidence for the theory. They both share the same color, both have a heavy emphasis on evolutionary biology in their design (Mew as basically the proto-Pokémon and Ditto as an amoeba), and the fact that Mew has had a long history of cloning experiments related to it (looking at you, Mewtwo) and Ditto basically is a one-Mon clone army. If true, however, this just raises even more questions, such as…just how many times did these scientists try to clone Mew if there’s hundreds and hundreds of Ditto in the world?! The mystery continues…

~Donovan Bertch

4. Genesect is a modified Kabutops


As Pokémon goes on the villainous teams have all had their own reasons for their pursuit of power, but one thing  they’ve always had in common is that they use Pokemon as tools to achieve their ultimate goal. Team Plasma on the other hand took it somewhere none of the other teams since Team Rocket had and created their own pokemon by modifying a Pokémon of the past. In this case, the theory is that Team Plasma revived a Kabutops. This theory is backed by an incredibly similar, pose, shape, and height between the two pokemons designs on top of pokedex entries that link the time frames of the Pokémon modified and kabutops to the same period 300 million years ago.

~Jim Wallace

3. N is actually a Zoroak


N is yet another tragic Pokémon villain that believes he’s actually doing good for the world (looking at you Lysandre.) Abandoned as a baby in the forest, N is raised by a friendly Zorua until a man came along and fostered him. This man was called Ghetsis. Ghetsis taught N all about Pokemon, but only chose to show him Pokemon injured by humans. He groomed the young N to be leader of a group called Team Plasma. N grew up to be jaded and mistrustful of humans. He believed that Pokemon should no longer be controlled by humans; forced to fight one another so their “masters” can be the very best. N aspires to create separate worlds for both Pokémon and humans. So, when you finally beat the Elite Four you have the chance to come face to face with Zoroak itself. You’re told by your rival’s young sister that she saw Zoroak calling out your name in her dream. Taking the dreams of a child as truth, you venture to the ruin of N’s castle to find this beast. Interestingly, you do catch a glimpse of this elusive Zoroak once you get to the castle ruins. But once you get inside you only Find N. Some fans think the Zoroak glimpsed in the evolved Zorua that took care of N in his youth, but that Zorua was given to the player in one of the other games, making this claim a little less grounded. Other fans believe that this Zoroak is actually N; a really clever Pokémon disguising itself as a human.

There are several examples that make this claim a little more legitimate. Like the fact N is unaffected by a ghost-type move while all the other humans are injured when hit with shadowball (hint: Zoroak is a dark Pokémon and therefore resistant to ghost moves.) Some other fans believe his appearance is a dead giveaway to his Poke-secret. His hair and body type is very similar to that of Zoroak. Whatever the case, only a Pokémon dressed up as a human could be that interesting of a character.

~Laura Chandler

2. You Murdered Blue’s Raticate


Venturing down the next route to Lavender Town, you revel in your previous battle with Professor Oak’s grandson, your nemesis Blue (or Douchebag/Asshole/Swear-of-Choice), on the S.S. Anne. And what a battle it was! You mercilessly cut down his Pokemon until he had nothing left to protect him. Then you took his money. You wonder where Blue could be right now. Probably crying over the ass-kicking you gave him on that luxury cruise. Well, you’re half-right. Blue is definitely crying, but it’s not because he got his butt handed to him in your battle. No, it’s because you slaughtered his beloved Raticate. Fans of the Pokemon universe have theorized that the reason Raticate is not in Blue’s line up the next time you face him is because Raticate perished after it battles with you. The theory claims that due to the confusion/crowding on the S.S. Anne, Blue was unable to make it to the Pokémon Center in time. This theory is even bolstered when you look into the original Red/Blue games (at least according to some Pokémon fans.) In the first Pokemon game you encounter your rival in Lavender Town’s cemetery, standing in front of a grave as if he was mourning the Pokémon lying underneath the dirt. According to fans, in the original versions of the game your rival asks you if you know what it’s like to have one of your Pokémon die. The real reason Blue is in Lavender Town at all is to bury his Raticate.

Some fans have even theorized that he swore upon Raticate’s grave to never let you win again. In the games, Blue makes it through the Elite Four and is the champion of the Indigo League…until you come strutting up Victory Road and wipe the floor with him again.  No wonder Twitch unanimously decided that Red was crazy.

~Laura Chandler

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