1. Save or Condemn Nick (Telltale Walking Dead: Season 2)

There’s a lot of choices in Telltale’s Walking Dead series that seem pointless. Several choices just seem to be put in to tug at your emotions and make you feel bad rather than really further the story. And out of all the choices throughout the first two seasons (I won’t count the third season since it isn’t finished yet) is whether or not you choose to save Nick in Season 2, Episode 2. Nick shoots a stranger in the episode and you later meet his friend, who threatens Nick when he learns what he did. You can either defend him or condemn him to his fate. The only thing this changes is when Nick dies in the story. He either dies in that same episode or in the fourth one. And even if Nick lives, he adds absolutely nothing to the story. He doesn’t do anything, just hanging around like the writers didn’t know what to do with him. Nick could have been so much more, but it just seems like choosing whether he lives or dies just doesn’t matter.

~Daniel Hein

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