1. Female Protagonist and Orpheus/Thanatos (Persona 3 Portable)

While she experiences the story of the original male protagonist, the Persona 3 Portable protagonist had some variations that drew attention. Literally designed to act as the polar opposite to the Male Protagonist, she has a brighter demeanor and more lively personality. She is more likely to speak her mind instead of remaining silent. Besides her personality, there are a few changes to the story that will be available, including being able to keep Shinjiro alive and having Theodore over Elizabeth as the Velvet Room Attendant. It is with these slight changes that P3P takes players on the same journey as the original Persona 3 story. In that story it is not solely the Orpheus line that connects to the Protagonist. There is Thanatos also, or rather Ryoji. Thanatos is the ultimate Death Persona and Ryoji’s true form. Ryoji being the harbinger of Death that was sealed within the Protagonist for 10 years prior to the beginning of the game. While she may have been added in later versions of the game, she brings a new brighter air to the dark story of Persona 3.

~Melissa Buranen

Honorable Mention: Velvet Room Attendants

Whether they’re sitting in an Elevator, Limo, or Prison, this group plays as the foundation to the series. The Velvet Room often run by Igor, with one or more assistants, provides a Hub for players. Not in the same way as Junes might. This area primarily for the protagonist to visit within the game, existing between the consciousness and subconsciousness. Or a more plain description between reality and a dream. Within this room is where Personas will be fused, or stored. The fusion process is often Igor’s task, fusing 2 or more personas into stronger and new types. Maybe with one or two mishaps here and there, but that’s what the Condominium is for. By recording Personas and their stats/skills any lost persona can be regained for a price. Plus on top of it all the Persona series just would not be the same without Igor’s fantastic nose.

~ Melissa Buranen

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