1. BioShock

Well obviously this is going to be our top choice! Bioshock was among the best titles of the last generation, and for good reason. BioShock centers around Jack and the events following a terrible plane crash. The player watches as Jack becomes the last survivor of fiery plane crash and subsequently has to guide him to the only thing for hundreds of miles around, a seemingly innocent lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. The player soon comes to realize that this is no ordinary lighthouse, but a utopia-gone-wrong under the ocean known as Rapture. Jack, and the player, discover that Rapture is filled with only ADAM-addicts, genetically-spliced “Little Sisters,” murderous “Big Daddies,” and psychotic old men. BioShock keeps the player on edge and interested throughout the entire game with these characters. The encounters with the slightly supernatural allow the players to smartly defeat Big Daddies and decide the fate of the Little Sisters. But the encounters with the actual humans are far more terrifying than those with the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. While stumbling through the dimly-lit and disturbing scenery, Jack, and the player, can hear two men talking in a way that suggests severe delusions and mental breakdowns.

~Laura Chandler

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