2015 has been an unforgettable year for gamers. It will be remembered as the year that made us impossible announcements a reality, the return of old classics, and the loss of one of the most influential people to have ever graced this industry. Let’s look back and relive some of the most memorable moments of 2015.

10. Bloodborne’s Cleric Beast Battle


One of the features that separates Bloodborne from its spiritual predecessor, Dark Souls, is the lack of fog doors.  In Dark Souls, a fog door indicated a tough boss ahead.  This gave you time to steel yourself for your (most likely) imminent death.  Bloodborne abandons this in order to maintain its horror aspects.  The Cleric Beast serves as your introduction into the terrifying and cruel world of Yharnam.  Immediately upon ascending the ladder to your first lamp in Yharnam, a terrifying screech resounds above you.  And once you finally cross the bridge, the beast leaps from the battlements down towards you.  His massive size and slow, but powerful attacks, are your tutorial to future bosses.  This frustrating and terrifying fight was one of the most impressive and memorable moments of 2015.

– Ryan Dodd

9. Pokemon GO’s Announcement


I just cannot stop talking about this game. Why was this announcement such a memorable moment in 2015? While I did go into excruciating detail when the game was announced over why Pokemon GO is a huge deal, many of the predictions I made when that article was written are slowly turning out to be correct. Certain Pokemon will only be found in certain parts of the world. There will be gyms. So far, it sounds like Nintendo is really striving to get this right. Could this end up being a disappointment and nothing more than an unsatisfying gimmik? It’s a possibility. It could also end up being what every Pokemon fan has wanted since the days of Red and Blue. We can’t wait.

– Paul Cesar

8. The Undertale Surprise


Every now and again, we get one of those once and a lifetime games that are both universally loved and universally praised.  Even rarer is that game a low priced indie made entirely by one man.  Thankfully, we had one of those games this year.  Undertale was a PC cult hit that was met with nothing but praise from critics and players alike.  Developed solely by Toby Fox, Undertale drops the player into a mysterious Underground filled with “monsters.”  On your way back to the surface you encounter many monsters and decide whether to kill or spare them.  Ultimately your choices dictate your ending.  With well-written characters and plot, a unique and entertaining combat system, and charming retro-style graphics, Undertale game is one of the best games of 2015 and a memorable success story.

– Ryan Dodd

7. Fallout 4 Gets Announced AND


When it comes to announcements, new demos and maximizing the video game hype, E3 takes center stage. This year’s E3 was far from disappointing with plenty of major reveals and great surprises. And amongst this year’s announcements, Todd Howard of Bethesda studios brought a lengthy reveal segment of Fallout 4. The reveal showcased broken post­apocalyptic neighborhoods, a massive airship sundering into the ground and just about everything else that positively teases all fans of the Fallout series. However, what is as memorable as the reveal was their planned released date of November 2015. Within the span of a 40 minute presentation, Bethesda revealed Fallout 4, discussed what players can expect and then literally confirmed that everyone can enjoy the post-apocalypse of Fallout once again within half a year.

– Rafael Serrato

6.PS2 and Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility


Both Microsoft and Sony seemingly acknowledged the sales potential in making the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One capable of playing games from prior consoles. With the release of PlayStation Now, Microsoft’s Xbox One backwards compatibility, and the recent #PS2ONPS4 HD up conversions of PS2 classics with the additions of trophies, the console giants have struck gold – and players have been rewarded with a feature they’ve yearned for. If the price tag is too much for you, remember that these aren’t just simple ports – they’re up converted to a higher resolution and include trophies (the PS4 games), and the backwards compatibility includes unlockable achievements. There’s nothing like firing up the up scaled version of Final Fantasy VII or Twisted Metal Black and enjoying the wave of nostalgia that inevitably washes over you.

– Evan Schwab

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